Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayAfter a fortnight break, the PSA, PPM and Work management roundup is back.

News last week came from Certinia, Cora Systems, Dayshape, Kantata, Planview and TaskRay.


Certinia has published a case study about the success of its PS Cloud at Deep Instinct, a cyber security software firm based in New York. Having implemented the solution, the professional services team, within the software firm, has halved the average project length from 90 to 45 hours. It achieved this by reducing the time to produce reports and other efficiency improvements. As a result, it has achieved a return on investment within 18 months.

The new reports generated from Conga and using the out-of-the-box integration with Certinia, enabled the firm to produce weekly reports in 25 seconds, rather than the 4 hours it used to take when done manually.

Ari Billauer, Global Director of Services Operations at Deep Instinct, commented, “I inherited PS Cloud at a previous company and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It brought order, repeatability, predictability and certainty to what we were doing – and newfound visibility into how we were managing costs and controlling our billing process. When I joined Deep Instinct, I knew the Certinia solution’s advantages and productivity boost would enable me to immediately make an impact in my new organization.”


Cora Systems announced the appointment of Martin Green as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). The appointment sees Green return to an executive role, having stepped down as Chairman of Goodays. He previously held leadership positions at ThoughtSpot, Medallia, Merced Systems, and Satmetrix. At Medallia, he was GM & VP of EMEA during a period when the company grew global ARR from $25 million to $250 million ARR over five years.

Martin Green, said, “I have a genuine passion for SaaS which can make a difference to people’s lives and that generates tangible value to business stakeholders. I see extraordinary potential in Cora’s story. I’m looking forward to putting my shoulder behind the wheel to continue their growth, bringing some of the lessons and knowledge I’ve learned in other similar enterprises to bear. These are exciting times within the company. I’m glad to be on board.”


Pinion, a top 100 US accounting firm and global leader in food and agriculture consulting, has implemented Dayshape’s AI-powered resource management software. Pinion has more than 375 employees across 27 US Offices and has replaced IRIS Star Practice Management with Dayshape.

Allison Hovey, Resource Management Leader at Pinion, said, “We realized we needed resource management, not just scheduling. We needed a comprehensive tool with reporting, forecasting, and utilization data – and Dayshape’s ability to integrate with our existing systems gives us that.

“Tools should be able to give you more data than you put in. With Dayshape, we know the data we input will provide us with valuable insights such as utilization rates and powerful reports.

“In my experience, visibility gives accountability, it allows you to lay out decision making with the right insights, allowing the right processes to be followed. It’s not about micromanaging, it’s about making resourcing a fairer process with a tool like Dayshape that empowers people. I would and have already recommended Dayshape to other firms.”


A flurry of new features for Kantata OX was rolled out last week. A new tooltip enables users to quickly identify the availability of a resource within the projects tab. There are usability enhancements within the task tracker enabling users to copy and paste fields and move between fields to enter data faster.

Checklist items can now be converted into To Do items, increasing the flexibility of project templates. The task details side panels now has a history tab. The tab shows the last 20 changes to the task over the last 9 days. A new Dashboard access page gives administrators a quick way of seeing users’ data access rights.

Finally, Kantata has added new chart types to dynamic dashboards. These include:

  • Pyramid chart
  • Funnel chart
  • Waterfall chart
  • Dependency wheel chart
  • Sankey chart


Planview revealed strong growth for Q2 and H1 2023, though as a private company did not reveal financial numbers. The company saw strong bookings growth in H1, up 30% YoY. Recurring revenue grew during the first half of 2023 by 13%, and the company added more than 126 net new customers.

It also revealed that it had seen an increase in active users on its leading products by 15%, though it did not reveal which these were. The University of Planview saw an increase in total active users of 29% quarter-over-quarter.

Razat Gaurav, CEO at Planview, commented, “The macro environment continues to pose challenges for digital transformation efforts in companies around the world. Organizations are faced with inflation, changing customer expectations, and more conservative budgets.

“At the same time, they must continue to drive forward transformation initiatives to adapt and achieve key business outcomes. Planview’s connected solution is uniquely positioned to give leaders and organizations the data-driven alignment, transparency, and visibility to make critical prioritization decisions, enabling companies to increase productivity, improve time-to-market, and de-risk strategic bets.”


TaskRay unveiled its July 2023 release. The updates are available in the sandbox now and will go live on July 25th. The new features include:

  • The ability to move TaskRay templates between Salesforce environments
  • Customer Onboarding Kickoff Flow now uses the Dynamic Team Builder
  • Added a new value to the task record type selector in the Kanban view
  • Unused labels were removed from the package
  • Removed code for retired features, including Legacy Record Types and Classic Filtering
  • There were also several bug fixes rolled out.

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 26th June 2023


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