Sage (credit image/Pixabay/Ray_Shrewsberry)London-based backpack and accessories brand, ROKA London, has implemented Inventory Planner by Sage. The integration is aimed to boost its inventory planning processes and support the company’s plans for continued growth.

Since launching in 2017, ROKA London has specialised in selling colourful, stylish backpacks and outdoor accessories to its ever-expanding customer base. The multichannel merchant originally reached elevated levels of success with B2B sales. Stocking its popular product lines with 1,500+ UK retailers and even more internationally, in the US, France, Spain and Australia.

In recent years, ROKA London has focused its aims on digital sales via its Shopify Plus webstore. The company upgraded its tech stack – and has consequently seen phenomenal digital growth of over 70% year-on-year.

With plans to continue this trajectory in both the UK and the US, ROKA London needed an Inventory Planner. ROKA London heard about the tool in a Brightpearl webinar. The event featured an interview with Shopify and apparel brand, Passenger, who previously adopted Inventory Planner to boost direct-to-consumer sales.

Getting rid of spreadsheets

ROKA London was formerly dependent on spreadsheet-based inventory planning. However, they chose Inventory Planner due to its timesaving, robust features, and swift functionality. In addition to accurate sales forecasting and automatic, data-led purchasing recommendations.

The tool is also deeply connectable – able to integrate with many popular eCommerce apps used by retailers. As a result, Inventory Planner by Sage was compatible with ROKA London’s chosen eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus.

The team has already gained access to the tool’s granular inventory insights and precise purchasing recommendations. This eliminates the need for time-intensive spreadsheet calculations and significantly reduces human error.

Additionally, having full inventory visibility means ROKA London can work towards custom inventory KPIs. Furthermore, they can go as granular as variant level such as colour, style, or size. With such in-depth data, ROKA London can identify its best-selling, slowest-moving, and profitable items for markets, channels and geographic locations.

This enables the team to make informed purchasing decisions when growing into other territories and demographics. With ambitions to become a multi-million dollar, omnichannel brand, the team at ROKA London recognises the impact of using comprehensive inventory intelligence to rapidly scale.

Getting international growth

(credit image/LinkedIn/Peter Gough)
Peter Gough, COO at ROKA London

The merchant is attacking its international growth from all angles. Introducing Google Workspace to facilitate remote working. Boosting their use of Google Ads and Shopping and championing the brand’s overwhelmingly positive TrustPilot reviews.

Peter Gough, COO at ROKA London said, “Inventory Planner is one of the most significant changes we’re implementing this year.

This platform is a game-changer, it will take us to another level. We are reaching a point where stock management and finance are becoming more complex. We need better insights into our operations and purchasing decisions.

“Traditionally, we relied on gut feelings and instincts. But now we have data coming into the picture. This will be the next big shift for us.”

“ROKA London is a hugely successful brand with epic sales results for both B2B and direct-to-consumer” said Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Inventory Planner. “Implementing Inventory Planner is a smart, sensible next step for them. Allowing them the means to boost digital sales as they expand into more and more territories and demographics.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Sage bought BrightPearl nearly two years ago to deliver a new industry sector for Sage Intacct, retail. BrightPearl was a cloud-native retail management solution provider for retail and wholesalers. The company has customer advocates and can compete effectively with competitors such as NetSuite and Jesta IS. That acquisition appears to be paying dividends for Sage. There is a constant stream of announcement of contract wins for Sage, particularly in the retail market.

Backpack retailer ROKA London is just the latest company to jump on the Sage bandwagon. Incorporating Inventory Planner by Sage for its planned next stage of digital growth.


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