Pendo (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)Pendo, the all-in-one product experience platform has announced Pendo AI. A series of innovations and a long-term roadmap to enhance every part of the Pendo platform with artificial intelligence and automation. This enables companies to deliver exponentially better digital experiences across the software they buy, build, or sell.

Pendo customers can access a growing collection of AI-powered products and features that accelerate product discovery, drive product-led growth, and automate personalised in-app experiences at scale. Enterprises can use innovations like one-click guides, instant summaries of qualitative user feedback, and auto-generated customer expansion campaigns.

Companies can eliminate hours of manual effort every day and uncover insights they can use to drive impactful business outcomes. This includes revenue growth, customer retention and productivity gains.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Todd Olson)
Todd Olson, CEO and Co-Founder of Pendo

According to Todd Olson, CEO and Co-Founder of Pendo, said, “AI will completely transform how digital products are built. In addition to how they function, drastically improving the experience we all have with software.

“Our foundation at Pendo contains product usage data that’s already delivering automation for thousands of companies. Now with Pendo AI, our customers can leverage their product data in innovative new ways to drive their businesses forward.”

Potential of Pendo AI

The potential of Pendo AI lies in its large product usage data set. It includes 14 trillion clicks, swipes, poll responses, feedback requests and guide views, collected on behalf of over 10,000 companies that use Pendo. More than 17 billion of these data points are generated daily by 700+ million people using applications installed with Pendo. Pendo AI leverages proprietary customer-specific models built by Pendo’s machine learning team. As well as leading large language models, to identify trends, and generate and summarise content based on customers’ own data. Pendo adheres to all applicable data privacy and security laws. The company upholds its AI principles to not co-mingle customer data with the data of other customers. Additionally, not to use customer data to train generally available AI tools.

Visually, Pendo AI capabilities show up across the Pendo platform with a purple wand and sparkles. Grouped by theme, they include:

AI-powered personalisation

Automate the creation and delivery of personalised in-app content.

  • AI-generated guides and content: Jumpstart creation of in-app guides and walkthroughs to drive business outcomes like product adoption and workflow completion. Guide Magic serves as a writing assistant that can auto-generate content for guides. It suggests steps to add to a walkthrough or campaign, driving users to complete a task or adopt a feature.

AI-powered product discovery

Analyse, sort and identify trends in data to derive faster customer insights and build with confidence.

  • AI-generated qualitative insights: Synthesise NPS responses and user feedback from multiple data sources and get AI-powered recommendations for what feature to build next based on the qualitative data. Make faster, more confident product roadmap decisions with insights surfaced by AI.

AI-powered growth

Deliver business impact by reducing the manual effort and expertise required to drive better retention, conversions and engagement.

  • Generative campaigns: Instantly segment your users to determine who to upsell, who’s at risk, and other valuable signals to improve business outcomes. Auto-generate in-app guide campaigns to drive free-to-paid conversion, existing customer expansion, drive adoption of features that lead to customer retention.
  • Workflow suggestions: Uncover potential inefficiencies as users journey across applications to complete a task or business process. Then get instant suggestions for where to place in-app guides to help users complete the journey.

AI in the platform

Get to value faster with Pendo.

  • AI tag assist: Measure and report on product usage with greater speed, accuracy and confidence with automatically tagged features and tag quality notifications. The AI-powered tagging assistant reduces the need for technical knowledge when users get started with Pendo. The company says this accelerates onboarding and time-to-value.
  • AI chatbot: Companies can get personalised help and education in Pendo when required via a new AI chatbot. The solution is integrated with Pendo’s knowledge base and product usage data.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

For today’s enterprise, data is King. Having access to analytics and engagement tools that leverage AI is critical for companies looking to the future. According to Gartner, by 2026, AI-driven product and customer experience (CX) analytics tools will be the primary source of insight for 40% of digital product enhancements, up from 10% today. Gartner reports that by 2026, 30% of new applications will use AI to drive personalised adaptive user interfaces, up from under 5% today. Pendo’s new capabilities is expected to help companies be at the forefront of innovation using this emerging technology. The company says these innovations are focused on product discovery and product led growth.


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