Bold Commerce (credit image/Pixabay/ Rudy and Peter Skitterians)Bold Commerce has launched a new accelerator that introduces checkout directly into video, email and other marketing experiences. Rather than take shoppers out of their immediate experience, brands can bypass the traditional ecommerce journey by integrating everything shoppers need to buy into the checkout.

The technology was designed to introduce curated purchase and upsell opportunities at shoppers’ highest point of interest. Bold Commerce expects the solution will increase conversion, average order value and customer lifetime value. The new checkout accelerator was developed by Coalition Technologies on Bold Checkout.

Bold Commerce is making checkout the first stop in shoppers’ buying journeys–instead of the last. Furthermore, it is bringing upsell and subscription opportunities directly into checkout.

A new way to place upsells

Bold Commerce replicates upsell opportunities that traditionally occur on product pages. Such as “You may also like” and “frequently purchased together,” directly in the checkout.

Brands can now deliver curated, last-minute product upsells in-cart for new and returning customers. These recommendations remain on shoppers’ screens even after the transaction has been processed. This means shoppers are able to purchase additional items without having to re-enter checkout details.

Create purchase opportunities in videos

Consumers watching video content on YouTube often do not need more convincing – they are ready to buy. But when shoppers move away from video content, they forget about the products they saw. Furthermore, unlikely to visit an eCommerce site later to make the purchase.

Bold Commerce supports brands to reach shoppers when they are most engaged by launching checkout directly in-video. Shoppers watching a video can click a pull-down menu and checkout for the product that they want. All while still watching the video. Brands can place upsell opportunities in the checkout to increase average order values.

Make it easy for customers to become subscribers

Bold Commerce allows frictionless subscriptions by bringing potential subscribers directly to a populated checkout from an email to increase conversion and lifetime value. Brands can use email communications to educate shoppers on products and subscriptions. It then takes them directly to checkout when they are ready–without any redirection to external pages. Shoppers can immediately finalise their subscription with delivery cadence, shipping details and payments.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Peter Karpas)
Peter Karpas, Bold Commerce’s CEO

Shoppers’ buying journeys need to start when they’re ready–not when brands are,” said Peter Karpas, CEO of Bold Commerce.

We are enabling brands to launch and optimise checkout on marketing channels. Additionally, start to shift from a conversion-only mindset to one that also prioritises average order value and customer lifetime value to drive revenue.”

Checkouts need to be convenient for consumers

The new accelerator will be launched on BigCommerce but can be integrated by retailers on any legacy or custom platform. Brands can easily configure custom to upsell, in-video checkout and email subscription purchases. These changes can be managed without having to layer multiple applications or create custom code.

The accelerator also leverages PayPal Complete Payments so brands can accept the full lineup of payment options. This includes PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Pay Later solutions, and credit and debit cards.

Checkout needs to meet brands when their purchase intent is at its highest. But also, be optimised for shoppers’ profiles and preferences and the channel and devices from where they are shopping–brands know this. But it is easier said than done,” said Jordan Brannon, President at Coalition Technologies.

With Bold Commerce, we are giving brands the ability to easily create this kind of checkout. No matter what platform they’re on and customise it to fit both their business and shoppers’ needs.

Bold Commerce says it is leading brands into a composable commerce future with its headless checkout. For many brands, adopting Bold Checkout will be their first step toward a fully composable eCommerce infrastructure.

Bold’s API-first approach, open architecture enables brands to customise the entire checkout experience. Alternatively, they can opt for pre-built templates and integrations with payment gateways and top tax, fraud, shipping, and marketing solutions.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

Brands and retailers traditionally use marketing channels to introduce shoppers to products and pique their interest. As a result, shoppers are often ready to make purchases at once. However, the way the current checkout process works, shoppers are required to instead visit product pages on eCommerce sites. Then populate their carts with items they already know they want.

These extra steps have traditionally been attractive to brands, who attempt to cross-sell or upsell products to consumers. However, this approach keeps shoppers from checking out at their chosen moment. Hence Bold Commerce’s new accelerator sounds interesting. It enables brands to bring checkout to video, email and other channels. Bypassing eCommerce sites and creating new upsell opportunities along the way.

Embedding the checkout throughout all touchpoints in a brand or retailer’s digital real estate may make omnichannel a reality and not just a soundbite.


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