Oracle wins at TCH and Vandalia Health - Image by Chokniti Khongchum from PixabayOracle in one week has two very different major medical wins under its belt. Texas Children’s Hospital, the largest children’s hospital in the United States, has implemented Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. To support its mission to create a healthier future for children and women throughout its global community.

With Oracle Fusion Applications, Texas Children’s Hospital consolidates seven business systems on one integrated platform. Vandalia, based in West Virginia, has signed a 10-year agreement to extend Oracle Health’s electronic health records (EHR) across its system.

“Our previous systems required a lot of manual effort to use and maintain and this was becoming an unsustainable burden on our employees,” said Myra Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Innovation Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital.

“With Oracle Fusion Applications, we’ve been able to streamline and automate business processes and this allows our staff and clinicians to spend more time with patients. Oracle provided hands-on support during implementation to ensure we rapidly gained value from our new system, and we continue to benefit from quarterly updates that enable us to constantly improve productivity.”

Oracle has been a critical partner in supporting our growth and helping bring our systems into alignment,” said Jeff Sandene, Executive Vice President and CFO, Vandalia Health. “As we look for improvements in our revenue cycle and workflow processes, we look forward to leveraging the next generation of Oracle Health solutions to enhance patient care and achieve our goals.

Oracle and Texas Children’s Hospital

TCH is a not-for-profit healthcare organisation. Committed to creating a healthier future for children and women throughout the global community. It seeks to lead in patient care, education and research. Consistently ranked as the best children’s hospital in Texas, and among the top in the nation. TCH has gained recognition for its expertise and breakthroughs in paediatric and women’s health.

To keep up with the demands of its growing operations and to ensure its staff and clinicians can spend as much time as possible focusing on patient care. TCH needed to streamline and simplify its existing business processes. By consolidating seven business systems on Oracle it is:

  • increasing efficiency
  • reducing costs
  • improving the employee experience as well as recruitment and employee retention
  • enabling, thereby, its staff to dedicate more time to patients.

After evaluation, TCH will move finance, HR and supply chain processes to the cloud with Oracle Fusion Applications. With Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Planning Management (EPM), Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM), TCH can, on a single integrated platform:

  • break down existing organisational silos
  • standardise processes
  • manage its finance, planning, HR and supply chain operations.

Oracle and Vandalia Health

Vandalia Health is the second largest private sector employer in West Virginia. With nearly 12,000 employees between Charleston Area Medical Center and Mon Health. Charleston Area Medical Center is a non-profit, 1,103-bed regional referral center made up of six hospitals.

Since transitioning to Oracle Health EHR in 2016, Charleston Area Medical Center has worked with Oracle to optimise its clinically driven revenue cycle. This has produced an increase in average daily revenue. The medical center is scheduled to go live with RevElate, Oracle’s newest patient accounting solution, later in 2023.

Mon Health operates health care facilities in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Mon Health, directly or indirectly, operates or manages six hospitals in West Virginia, including Mon Health Medical Center. Its Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital is also a CMS 5-Star Hospital and a Leapfrog Grade A Safety Hospital.

Months after Charleston Area Medical Center and Mon Health merged to create Vandalia Health, the West Virginia-based health system is standardising on a single EHR choice applied across all Vandalia medical clinics. System-wide patient records merged across the two hospital groups will enable:

  • improved care team coordination
  • enhanced patient as well as the caregiver experience
  • strengthened care continuity across the system.

With the recent acquisitions of additional medical centers, Vandalia will continue to help provide local access to high quality care with enhanced EHR solutions. These promote positive health outcomes for patients across the state.

Aligning technology across venues helps health systems such as Vandalia Health scale to new capabilities with the goal of improving patient outcomes,” said Travis Dalton, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Health. “Oracle Health solutions put the right tools into care staff’s hands, so they can improve patient care by spending more time engaging with patients and less time on administrative tasks.”

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

Medicine, in its widest sense is the world’s world’s largest industry. But is constantly being pushed near to breaking. What has become increasingly clear – worldwide – is the scale of the challenge when running countless disconnected (siloed) systems. This comes at an enormous cost to medical care providers.

With Oracle Fusion Applications, TCH has increased visibility into its business. It has also reduced the administrative burden on its employees. In a similar, albeit different, fashion, Vandalia Health, by introducing a single Oracle Health’s EHR solution across all its hospitals, is simplifying its patient supporting capabilities. In both cases efficiencies should also deliver better patient care.


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