How to paste only what you see in Excel - Image by NoName_13 from PixabayHow many times have you copied a section of your sheet, only to find when you paste it you have a lot more than you thought you had selected or knew existed? This usually is because the original spreadsheet was not created by you, or has been used by others in the shared group and updated and remodelled, so you don’t know what features have been used. This can be very confusing and frustrating. There is a simple answer to this problem.

Here is an example of a sheet that looks simple but the result will be very different when you paste it.sheet example

When you select the area and copy and paste it into a new sheet the result will look like this. result paste

That is because there is hidden data within the original sheet we copied from.

Copy only visible cells

To get the result you require we need to use the [copy special feature]. This is located in the [Find & Select] tool in the [Editing section] on the [Home tab]. Find tool

  • Select the area you require.
  • locate the [Find and Select tool] in the Editing section of the Home tab.
  • From the drop down list from this tool select [Go to Special]. Go to Special
  • Locate and select the [Visible cells only].
  • Use copy in the way you like; Ctrl+C keys, right mouse click or copy tool from the Home tab.
  • Move to the new sheet and select the starting cell for your paste.
  • Use paste in the way you like; Ctrl+V keys, right mouse click or paste tool on the home tab.

This is the result. good result

Voila! you now have only what you saw in the original sheet with hidden items.

Have a look at what else there is that you could use in the Go to Special list.

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