delaware (credit image/Pixabay/Oberholster Venita)ATOSS and delaware are entering into a strategic partnership. The collaboration brings together the complementary expertise of both companies and provides a complete, high-quality HR solution for enterprises and their employees. ATOSS will contribute workforce management software, while delaware will focus on optimising HR processes and implementing advanced solutions.

The new collaboration between ATOSS and delaware has been in the air for some time. However, it has really taken off since April of this year. Both companies are convinced that together they will deliver valuable benefits to their joint customers.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Mitch Goovaerts)
Mitch Goovaerts, Country Manager ATOSS BeLux and France

With delaware, we choose a reliable partner with expertise,” says Mitch Goovaerts, Country Manager ATOSS BeLux and France.

Their extensive customer network at home and abroad allows us to conquer new market segments. While they will benefit from our expertise in workforce management software.

By bringing together experienced professionals from both companies, we create a comprehensive offering for customers where we can meet all their HR needs. With several customers, we are already reaping the benefits of our new partnership.”

Kristof Nuytens, Human Capital Lead at delaware BeLux, sees this new cooperation as an enrichment of delaware’s HRIS solutions offering. More specifically, it concerns the complex processing of time and attendance management and its combination with workforce planning.

Kristof Nuytens says “With this partnership, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of operational excellence in workforce management. Additionally, working time management and workforce planning, and helping companies and employees become more efficient, more effective and more innovative.”

To ensure a smooth collaboration, delaware formed a team of experts in charge of ATOSS software implementation over the past year. This guarantees the necessary expertise and sufficient capacity to guide customers before, during and after the implementation process.

Tailor made HR solution

The solution focuses on improving efficiency and productivity as well as optimising costs for corporate customers. The company says this is achieved without losing sight of the human factor. As a result, companies can operate in compliance with laws and regulations, and ensure a positive experience for their employees.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Digital workforce management combines efficiency, employee satisfaction and compliance, which is similar to the challenges of HR processes and solutions. Organisations need flexible and motivated employees, however, technological change has never been as fast as it is today.

Enterprises require integration with a sense of purpose. Employees want scope for freedom, self-determination and personal responsibility in their daily work routine. Both companies provide comprehensive services in their respective fields, in markets across the globe. Hence the new strategic partnership, which aims to help their clients imagine and realise the different opportunities their workforce can shift into.


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