Smartsheet (credit image/Pixabay/gianfrancodebei)Smartsheet and McLaren Racing are bringing back Sponsor X, the initiative to highlight nonprofit organisations for the 2023 Formula 1 season. Building up to and at the British Grand Prix, both organisations will spotlight UK-based nonprofit, STEAM Co. as the next Sponsor X. This took place on McLaren’s race cars at Silverstone on 7-9 July 2023.

“We launched Sponsor X to give deserving nonprofits a global platform that puts their purpose front and centre,” said Andrew Bennett, chief marketing officer at Smartsheet.

“We are going bigger in Sponsor X’s second season. Starting with McLaren’s home race where we’re proud to shine a light on STEAM Co. Their work making sure children do not lose their capacity for creativity. This will help shape the next innovators, engineers, and technologists that fuel organisations like ours, McLaren, and the world.”

Igniting creativity in schools across England

said Andrew Bennett, chief marketing officer at Smartsheet

Smartsheet and STEAM Co. believe that the future is bright. But only if the next generation is able and empowered to make it that way. STEAM Co. puts the “A” of art into STEM by inspiring children to aim higher than high in life, supported by creativity and community.

Founded by a dad on a mission, Nick Corston, STEAM Co. runs creativity sessions in primary schools and community fetes and festivals across England. The idea is to spark inspiration, curiosity, and imagination to help kids develop much-needed critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

According to Corston, “Our work at STEAM Co. is important because creativity is important. Yet programmes that foster creativity and imagination are often the first to be cut when budgets tighten. I believe that we are all born artists, and creating a creativity revolution can inspire our children.

“Furthermore, connect communities, and power the economy. By Smartsheet and McLaren asking our organisation to participate in Sponsor X meant they saw the shared dream. In addition, it was validation that this cause truly matters.”

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, STEAM Co., Smartsheet, and McLaren will host one-of-a-kind STEAM Co. sessions. This includes a creativity day at a Woking school and a hands-on engineering day at the Silverstone circuit.

Primary school students will learn how to build rockets and code mini-race cars. Hear from McLaren driver Lando Norris, engineers, and STEM ambassadors; and receive a special behind-the-scenes look at the McLaren Technology Centre.

With the increased awareness from Sponsor X, STEAM Co. hope to receive the financial support needed to increase the number of Creativity Day Art Trucks in their fleet. They intend to inspire every child in England to dream higher than high.

Reimagining what sponsorship can do

Sponsor X puts the Smartsheet mission into action by elevating people and organisations doing work that truly matters. The first-of-its-kind initiative launched at the 2022 Australian Grand Prix with local STEM nonprofit DeadlyScience, making them the first Indigenous organisation to be featured on a Formula 1 car.

Smartsheet then brought Sponsor X to the US Grand Prix with The Hidden Genius Project. The project trains and mentor Black male youth while tackling the misconception there’s a lack of Black STEM talent.

Partnering with Smartsheet on Sponsor X gave our organisation a global stage to elevate the work that we do. Highlight the promise of our young people. Hopefully inspire them to reveal their inner Genius,” said Brandon Nicholson, Ph.D., chief executive officer at The Hidden Genius Project.

This initiative provides a unique opportunity to share exciting stories about our dynamic young leaders. Additionally, the myriad ways in which they are impacting our society for the better each day. The first Sponsor X, DeadlyScience, walked so we could run–and now it’s time for STEAM Co. to fly.

According to Louise McEwen, executive director, brand and marketing at McLaren Racing, “Delivering an initiative with authentic value and the hero activity of swapping a partner’s logo for a charity on our race car is something we had never seen before. We are excited that Smartsheet continues to spotlight these important causes through Sponsor X.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

McLaren Racing and Smartsheet partnership is nearly two years old. Smartsheet is a platform for dynamic work that aligns people and technology, enabling teams to move faster and drive innovation. Its technology has been integrated into the McLaren Racing infrastructure to help drive the team’s digital transformation.

The initial focus was on smarter asset management to support fan engagement and race operations through Smartsheet’s digital asset management platform, Brandfolder.

Back for a second season at McLaren’s home circuit, the Smartsheet initiative will raise awareness of STEAM Co. The project is expected to inspire the next generation of problem-solvers and creative doers. Sponsor X appears to be a forward-thinking programme, pushing the boundaries of partnership collaboration.

What STEAM Co. appears to be doing to foster creativity in future generations. So, they can have a positive impact on society, for today and tomorrow. It is positive to learn about modern enterprises using technology and knowledge, both to make a profit and to engineer some social good.


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