HAK CFO Maikel Jongenelis, in afieldInfor has announced that HAK, a Dutch business focused on plant-based food, is implementing Infor’s CloudSuite Food & Beverage. Implementing the ERP solution continues the relationship with Infor as CloudSuite replaces Infor Baan.

HAK chose to upgrade to the cloud-based solution as part of its drive to increase the sustainability of its operations. The new solution will help measure and track data. As it strives to achieve a 100% organic approach to its plant production. Whilst maintaining prices at a level, consumers can afford. Its Green Kitchen aims to show the health benefits of eating vegetables and legumes. Demonstrating that its processes have minimal impact on the planet.

Infor CloudSuite will assist with the mission with increased traceability as the company looks to track its ingredients from “soil to mouth”. As a cloud solution, the platform will also assist HAK to scale its operation.

The project

The implementation will include reviewing and replacing manual processes, especially across supply chain planning and warehouses. It hopes to better connect different operational functions within the business. Also to deliver a transparent and holistic view of data across the organisation.

Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage is a widely used solution in the industry. With Dutch companies such as Amalthea, Zeelandia and global giant Nutreco all using the platform. The Infor solution, therefore, has a wealth of input from customers to constantly improve and meet the rapidly evolving demands of the food industry. As a cloud-based solution, HAK will benefit from the automatic deployments of those improvements. They can switch on new features that apply to its business.

Maikel Jongenelis, CFO at HAK, commented, “Infor’s approach fits in well with the way in which HAK operates. More than 85% of our processes that we want to address are included as standard processes in the Infor solution, especially in the areas of supply chain planning and warehouse management. So, little work needs to be done. In addition, we work with a quality information system that is known to Infor and has also been included in previous implementations at other Infor customers. So, there is also easy integration there.”

Marcel Koks, Infor industry & solution strategy director for food & beverage
Marcel Koks, Infor industry & solution strategy director for food & beverage

Marcel Koks, food industry strategy director at Infor, said, “HAK is a wonderful Dutch food producer. They were looking for an industry-specific solution that meets their business objectives and also fits their company culture. They have found a match for both in Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Infor continues to dominate the Food & Beverage sector. Especially in the Netherlands, where its acquisition of Alfa-Beta in 2018 helped to boost its professional services teams and industry expertise in the food and beverage sector.

Implementing the new ERP solution is only one of the major changes happening at HAK in recent days. It also announced this week that Nicole Freid would replace Timo Hoogeboom as CEO at the company on September 1st. Freid is currently responsible for Marketing and Innovation at HAK.

The pair have worked on the HAK green strategy for around ten years. Freid commented, “It is a great honor to be able to take over from Timo. He leaves behind a wonderful company that is ready for the future. I’m ready to start building the next chapter. HAK’s mission to help everyone eat more vegetables and legumes remains leading.

“The recently expressed ambition to switch to 100% organic for Dutch cultivation in 2027 is a tough challenge, but I am happy to take it on, together with the other colleagues at HAK and NGG&F.”

With a new CEO and a new ERP, huge changes at HAK are afoot. Infor did not share a date for the go-live, but it will be uppermost in Freid’s mind as she takes the helm. The new system should open more possibilities to support global growth and expansion in 2024 and beyond.


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