Morgan Motors - Image credit Morgan MOtors via IFSMorgan Motor Company has reinvigorated its relationship with IFS by implementing IFS cloud. The British Sports car manufacturer first selected IFS in 2014, replacing its Sage 500 Accounting solution with IFS Applications. It has now upgraded its solution to IFS Cloud and aims to reap the benefits the cloud-based solution will provide.

IFS revealed that Morgan is a member of the IFS Pioneer Program. It is unclear when it joined the program and how long the implementation has taken. IFS first announced the existence of the Pioneer Program in 2021 when it launched IFS Cloud. The program offers long-standing clients IFS enhanced technical support and consulting. These will help accelerate the implementation of IFS Cloud across their organisations.

Morgan Motors is the first organisation to go live on, presumably, IFS Cloud 2023 R1. It seems more likely that IFS has kept the program open for long-standing customers to join at any time rather than taking two years to complete the upgrade.

Driving transformation

Moving to the cloud-based solution will enable Morgan to take advantage of the biannual updates that IFS rolls out for IFS Cloud customers. The solution will help improve the efficiencies of operations such as manufacturing, supply chain and spare parts requirements. Ensuring that the whole end-to-end manufacturing process is operationally efficient.

Morgan continues to innovate, and with the recently launched Morgan Super 3, its latest 3-wheeled sports cars. It required optimisation of customers’ purchasing and after-sales experience. IFS Cloud is now helping Morgan achieve operational efficiencies. With a complete and centralised view of data, can measure, gain insights and iterate on those processes.

The project saw Morgan cut over 160 users to the new solution over a single weekend. Those users are based in functional teams, including sales, manufacturing, projects, purchasing, inventory, and finance.

IFS continues to support those users as the inevitable issues are highlighted and resolved. IFS R&D, global consulting and its unified support team provide a single team that provides the solutions as required.

Daniel Godwin, Business Systems Development and Support (IFS), Morgan Motor Company, said, “In the current economic climate, specialist automotive manufacturers are having to manage the challenges of supply chain disruption, rising costs and the ongoing need to drive sustainability. 

“We have been using and working with IFS for nearly ten years, and in that time, we have gained complete trust in them and their product. We know that with the help of their expert support and versatile technology, we will navigate a safe passage through these complex challenges. 

“Using IFS Cloud will allow us to streamline our processes, improving operational efficiencies, and we can reduce costs by eliminating our onsite hosting expenses. Knowing that the solution is ‘evergreen’ means that we get regular updates and always have access to the latest functionality.” 


Morgan is committed to a strategy that is environmentally and socially responsible. With insights and process mapping that IFS Cloud provides, it hopes to reduce environmental impacts through production efficiencies, sustainable sourcing and ethical design across their entire operations.

IFS continues to drive the ESG capabilities of its cloud solutions forward. Its 2022 R2 release enabled report generation to support ESG initiatives. It is these and other capabilities, both existing and future, that Morgan hopes to apply within its organisation.

Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer at IFS.
Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer at IFS.

Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer, said, “Morgan is a compelling blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and innovation. The team is proud of its legacy and culture but is also committed to working with us to get the most out of the move to IFS Cloud and ensure we are constantly bringing in new capabilities and helping them build resilience within their business.

“We have built a great trust-based partnership with them and look forward to what the future relationship will bring.” 

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

An iconic organisation Morgan Motors was founded in 1909. It continues to modernise the handcrafted cars building around 800 a year. The latest deployment of IFS Cloud is another step in improving its processes before, during and after manufacturing.

If sustainability is now important to Morgan, the big question for many is whether it will also help resurrect the Morgan EV3, its first and to date only electric car. This car debuted in 2016 in Geneva but has not yet made it to production. As cars increasingly become electric, can IFS become the catalyst for Morgan to relook at an electric vehicle?

Expect to hear more from IFS about Morgan. It is a well-known brand, and once IFS demonstrates its mastery of the complex automotive sourcing and manufacturing processes, it may increase its share in a lucrative market. It will be interesting to see whether Morgan also looks to adopt IFS Ultimo or the full IFS EAM solution to further improve reliability, the customer experience and the design process.


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