Azets and Dayshape - Image credit Dayshape PRAzets UK has gone live on Dayshape’s AI-powered resource management software. Azets UK is part of the global Azets Group that recently received additional funding from PAI Partners, joining with HG to continue its growth and meet its ambition of becoming a billion-pound revenue business by 2027. That growth has been achieved through acquisition.

Since 2016 the group has acquired more than 70 businesses. The most recent in the UK was Gorilla Accounting, the digital accountancy firm for entrepreneurs, sole traders and small limited companies.

The company now has more than 3,800 employees across over 90 offices in the UK, and leverage at least fifteen resourcing solutions from spreadsheets to solutions such as Retain and Float. It aimed to consolidate these systems and processes onto a single cloud-based platform providing a consistent approach to resource management across the organisation. The decision is part of a wider digitisation approach.

Andrew Bone, Dayshape CEO and Co-Founder
Andrew Bone, Dayshape CEO and Co-Founder

With Dayshape live, the firm aims to standardise its 15 approaches into one. This will also help as the firm continues to add new acquisitions to the group.

Azets UK can also gain better visibility across the organisation using Dayshape’s Gantt to deliver a national view of available resources and usage. As the firm continues to evolve its culture as a single organisation, it will be interesting to see how it leverages Dayshape to become even more efficient. Will it set up multiple virtual centres of excellence, for example?

Andrew Bone, CEO and Co-Founder of Dayshape, said, “We are excited to be working with Azets UK and for the opportunity to support them now and as they continue to grow.”

Seeing the benefits

Azets UK is already using Dayshape’s assisted and on-demand scheduling options. This allows resource managers to identify the best resources available to work on a project, given the skill requirements. The inference is that this has helped reduce selection bias and increase inclusion within the firm. The advent of remote working, has meant that employees can work on projects no matter where they are located.

This increased visibility has enabled Azets UK to view data from across the organisation on key information.

  • Current skills
  • Certification
  • Work experience
  • Utilisation rates

It has enabled the leadership team to better understand the workload and reduce the risk of burnout. For clients, it has meant that the right resources are allocated, personalising the experience and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Lindsay Tyler, Head of Audit at Azets UK, said, “Dayshape is helping us centralize our resources and processes into one comprehensive system, which is enabling us to continue to scale whilst minimizing disruption internally. Our purpose is to improve the lives of our colleagues, clients, and communities in a sustainable way, and Dayshape is one of the many initiatives helping us to deliver our purpose.”

The Dayshape solution has also helped with resource forecasting. Using the Dayshape engagement economics functionality, the firm can plan, approve, and roll forward resource plans in unison with the engagement budget. It can better predicts profitability and make decisions that ensure engagements are kept on track, are profitable and maximises utilisation.

Azets UK has already implemented Dayshape across its audit service line. It now plans to roll out the solution to the rest of the business.

Lindsay Tyler added, “Everything we do is underpinned by our investments in people and technology. We see Dayshape as the resourcing tool of choice for all our service lines.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

As a Sage and Xero partner, Azets UK is no stranger to implementing software. It appears to have taken a sensible approach to the rollout with just the Audit service line completed. Once the rollout is completed, Dayshape can cross-sell its solution to other parts of the Azets group. Azets has a strong presence in the Nordics, Romania and a smaller presence in Eire.


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