Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayLast week Certinia published a case study demonstrating how Beyond Trust consolidated the professional services teams from several acquisitions onto the Certinia PS Cloud. Aurigo announced that it had won a multiyear contract for its Masterworks solution in Hawaii. Smartsheet made an appointment to its board and revealed the third non-profit recipient of its Sponsor X initiative.


Aurigo has entered into a multiyear contract with the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) to streamline the state’s transportation planning process. Aurigo Masterworks will help HDOT prioritize project requests, manage the use of state and federal funds, and keep track of program performance throughout delivery.

Balaji Sreenivasan, the CEO and founder of Aurigo Software, said, “Hawaii’s unique geography and multimodal approach to transportation requires careful planning and selection of the right projects to meet their residents’ infrastructure needs.

“Our team is delighted to partner with the state to streamline how projects are evaluated and funded, leading to more reliable multiyear forecasts, and reduced financial risk for their statewide program. We’re thrilled to contribute to their mission and support a safer, more connected future in Hawaii.”

Aurigo’s Masterworks will allow HDOT to create capital projects, prioritize them, and estimate their costs. Masterworks will automate the obligation and reimbursement process for federal funds, integrating with the Federal Highway Administration’s Financial Management Information System. It will also integrate with Autodesk to provide a comprehensive digital lifecycle management solution for the plan-build environment.

Ed Sniffen, Director of the Hawaii Department of Transportation, commented, “Hawaii DOT is excited to implement Aurigo’s Masterworks platform to support our strategic goals of improved safety, resiliency, and economic vitality. Modernizing our capital planning operations will speed up approval times and help deliver the infrastructure Hawaiians need now and in the future.”


Certinia published a case study detailing how BeyondTrust improved its Professional Services using the Certinia Professional Services Cloud. After acquisitions, BeyondTrust has four professional services teams, two used the Certinia solution, one a homegrown system, and one used spreadsheets. It reviewed its systems and decided to consolidate on Certinia PS Cloud.

Now deployed across the organisations, the firm has a single source of truth for project data. It can schedule engineers based on skillsets, availability, and geography. With the solution on the Salesforce platform, customer success managers are informed when a project manager flags a project, and the solution has provided complete visibility across teams. As it continues to evolve and take advantage of the functionality BeyondTrust expects to reduce project management overlay by 5% and collectively save project managers about 40 hours per week.

Sean Cashin, Senior Vice President, Customer Success and Services, commented, “The way Certinia PS Cloud works with Salesforce empowers me to configure it rather than relying on external expertise, which is a huge advantage.”


Smartsheet has appointed Khozema Shipchandler to its board of directors and will serve on the Audit committee. Shipchandler, President of Communications at Twilio Inc and a 22-year veteran of General Electric brings a depth and breadth of experience to Smartsheet, focusing on growing and scaling global digital businesses and communities.

Mark Mader, President and CEO of Smartsheet, commented, “Khozema combines deep financial expertise with enterprise scale and innovation at businesses with a stalwart commitment to operational excellence. His experience in software and technology in international markets will serve us well as we grow our platform to address our global enterprise customers’ most pressing needs.”

Smartsheet also announced that its next Sponsor X nonprofit is STEAM Co, a UK non-profit that aims to inspire creativity amongst kids. As a result of the sponsorship, STEAM Co has launched #CreativityRevolution23. Last year it sponsored DeadlyScience at the Australian Grand Prix and The Hidden Genius Project at the Austin Grand Prix.

Louise McEwen, executive director brand and marketing at McLaren Racing, said, “Sponsor X continues to be a forward-thinking programme, pushing the boundaries of partnership collaboration. Delivering an initiative with authentic value and the hero activity of swapping a partner’s logo for a charity on our race car is something we had never seen before.

“We are excited that Smartsheet continues to spotlight these important causes through Sponsor X. What STEAM Co. are doing to foster creativity in our future generations can have such a positive impact on us today and tomorrow.”

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 19th June 2023




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