Wizard Magic Image by Willgard Krause from PixabayJitterbit has announced the latest version of Vinyl, the no-code end-to-end development platform it acquired as part of the acquisition of Zudy in March 2023. Vinyl was designed for enterprises and is a natural fit for the Jitterbit integration platform. With this release, Jitterbit demonstrates that it will continue investing in the technology already making a big difference for many organisations.

Larry Egan, VP of IT – Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, commented, “Vinyl has just made us a more efficient company. It has even made us a more compliant company. It has dramatically positioned our time to market. Vinyl really makes opportunities limitless because you can connect to just about any system and/or application.”

Jitterbit sees Vinyl as providing organisations with:

  • A simplified, intuitive and streamlined application development experience
  • A fast yet comprehensive application development through Vinyl’s advanced intelligent automation and workflows
  • Quick and easy integration of new applications to existing technology ecosystems
Manoj Chaudhary, CTO of Jitterbit
Manoj Chaudhary, CTO of Jitterbit

Manoj Chaudhary, CTO of Jitterbit, commented, “Vinyl is an exciting, limitless solution for organizations looking to automate, digitally transform and scale their business.

“Vinyl users typically develop 10 to 30 apps a year on average, compared to just one or two apps using traditional development. It brings a new level of ease and speed to enterprise app development so company leaders can accelerate their digital transformation efforts.”

What is in the release of Vinyl 3.3

This is a major release with many new features, updated features and bug fixes. There are also changes to how it runs, which existing customers will need to check the release notes for. Included in this is that Vinyl no longer supports Internet Explorer 11. Bravely and honestly, Jitterbit also reveals that some features in this version no longer work for the time being or are degraded. For example, “SAP connectors are significantly slower than previous versions of Vinyl”. These will no doubt be fixed in a future point release.

There are also some major enhancements to the release. These include:

Live Designer: This is a new and much-requested feature that enables users to quickly edit, style, and see page changes with an integrated editor capability. Users can see changes to pages in real-time, enabling them to quickly iterate developments and increase efficiency and speed to market.

Jitterbit Vinyl Live Designer
Jitterbit Vinyl Live Designer

Column Templates: These are new features that Vinyl auto generates and maintains. They control the names, sizes and types of column data used in the application. It means that rather than constantly redefining them, Vinyl can learn and apply the optimal template within the application to the data.

Other Wizards: Four new wizards automate the creation of tables, pages, panels and controls to pages. The Table Wizard enhanced automation with workflows to build out tables in the Data Layer. Users can build manually using the Table Builder or leverage the Excel Wizard.

Marketplace: A repository of components to accelerate Vinyl app development productivity. The Marketplace will contain a list of installed marketplace apps, including connectors and demo applications. Button controls and Wizard pages are enhanced, and there is now an option to create a stacked Area chart to track the total value of groups.

Security and platform enhancements

Security logs now track user password changes and reset events, potentially indicating whether an account is compromised. Vinyl also now supports the importing and exporting security provider configurations in the form of a JSON document.

The onboarding process is better automated, ensuring security is set up from the start. The new process handles configuration on startup for License, Administrator password and policy, Security Providers, and Sites.

There are several UX/UI improvements with a new Group Control that combines Zone and Control Sets, providing a container for controls a user wishes to group together visually on a page. A new integration with OpenID Connect enables Vinyl app users to log in using the OpenID Connect protocol.

Jitterbit has listed 26 new features for this release and over a hundred feature improvements. Charles Nardi, SVP and GM Vinyl LCAP Business at Jitterbit, commented, Vinyl democratizes application development with its intuitive development environment that’s suitable for all developer personas. These enhancements will help customers confidently and securely automate enterprise app development to ignite business growth.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

This impressive release from Jitterbit demonstrates the investment that Jitterbit has continued to make in Vinyl. What is unclear is what the future direction of the product will be. How will Jitterbit further develop Vinyl? It is clear, however, that Vinyl is now an important part of the Jitterbit platform and a key component in enabling hyperautomation for customers.


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