Business Tip Image by Pete Linforth from PixabayThis is the 52nd in a series of business tips from industry leaders that Enterprise Times has interviewed. Enterprise Times recently spoke to Jeroen de Paepe, Co-Founder of Archisnapper and now Sr Director of Product Marketing at Deltek. He spoke about how Archisnapper, as a product and business unit, has evolved since the acquisition. Deltek has taken a fairly hands-off approach to what was a successful business.

Jeroen De Paepe, co-founder of Archisnapper and now  Sr Director of Product Marketing at Deltek,
Jeroen De Paepe, Co-Founder of Archisnapper and now Sr Director of Product Marketing at Deltek,

Having sold Archisnapper to Deltek, a much larger, global entity, you have chosen not to exit the firm you helped to found. What tip would you give to other founders having been bought out? What made you stay? It appears they gave you a gold ring rather than golden handcuffs?

“That’s a nice way to put it. I have to admit, being totally honest, in the beginning, it was not easy. Because it’s like something you grow and you take every decision in a second. Then you’re part of a bigger firm and stepping on other people’s toes. You don’t even know that you’re supposed to ask someone else for permission to do something.

“What I think was really important was being involved in Deltek’s plans for Archisnapper, even during the negotiation phase. They said, What about doing this? What about doing that? I felt already part of Deltek by being involved in how they would sell the product; being involved is so important. If we came to Deltek, and someone said: ‘This is how we will do it, and this is how we will sell to your clients right now, and this is how we will market it, then I don’t think I would be here anymore.

“Having the possibility to reshape that vision and be part of those discussions, that’s fundamental. If you can be involved in how the business works within the bigger landscape. That was really, really cool.

“Another element is that my manager was really good for me in a way that he probably knew that, as with anyone, micro-managing doesn’t work. People are used to working independently. I had the space to keep on doing that after the acquisition and be free. He was the one who helped me when I had problems but didn’t say you have to run your business like that. Having that freedom as an employee is really cool.”

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