Acquisition by Cyara of CentraCX Image credit has announced the acquisition of Australian firm CentraCX. CentraCX VOC, it’s core solution, is a comprehensive SaaS-based Voice of the Customer platform that enables organisations to collect, understand and drive action from customer feedback. Underpinning the solution is Tribal Analytics, a closed-loop feedback system at the individual, team, product and whole business levels. It delivers an end-to-end process for driving real change across all business areas.​

Designed for the contact centre, it supplements the Cyara CX platform, though there does not yet appear to be a direct integration between the two solutions. CentraCX VOC supports Genesys Engage, Amazon Connect and other platforms through its open API. The addition will enable Cyara to offer CX assurance and customer feedback, adding another process improvement cycle to its platform. Like Cyara, CentraCX is also available on the Genesys AppFoundry.

Alok Kulkarni, co-founder and CEO of Cyara
Alok Kulkarni, Co-Founder and CEO of Cyara

Once integrated, CentraCX will assist Cyara customers in improving their solutions based on customer feedback using a modern, user-friendly design. Organisations can continue to iterate, improving CX engagements through process analysis and customer feedback that will highlight what Cyara may have omitted from processes. The result should be happier customers and increased loyalty.

Alok Kulkarni, CEO and Co-Founder of Cyara commented, “Today, with rapidly changing technology and ever increasing customer expectations, delivering a great CX means continuously transforming. This requires the ability to both design a great CX and to deliver it with speed and quality. With the acquisition of CentraCX, we are uniquely able to offer an AI-enabled CX transformation platform that informs CX design with customer insights and feedback and enables delivery of those designs with speed and quality through automated testing and monitoring.”


CentraCX is designed to work with enterprise customers. It allows organisations such as myob, National Australia Bank and the Diners Club, to collate and analyse feedback from tens of thousands of customers. The data is collected from different channels, including IVR, voice, SMS, web, email or via an API to other applications.

The data is then analysed by Tribal Analytics, which provides insights, combining customer feedback with the agent’s perspective. The surfaced insights are not simply delivered as actions to take but are included in a framework to support a comprehensive continual improvement program. The feedback is delivered in real-time, allowing organisations to react quickly in times of crisis, perhaps when a software update is causing customer issues.

Strengthening Cyara

Cyara continues to extend its platform organically by adding Generative AI to chatbot testing and through acquisitions such as CentraCX and Spearline. The Cyara platform now offers a range of capabilities, and the company has a depth of knowledge about CX. The CX platform now contains a wide variety of capabilities, including:

  • Optimize journeys: Gain valuable insights on improving CX design by leveraging customer feedback
  • Continuous CX transformation: Drive ongoing CX improvements with speed and quality by automating testing within an Agile/DevOps framework
  • Enhance chatbots and conversational AI systems: Access our large-language model (LLM) for accelerated training and leverage AI-based automated testing, including natural language processing performance
  • Ensure robust contact centre performance: Assure that contact centre platforms can handle high-stress situations and enable customers to reach you globally. Additionally, AI-based insights on performance can be provided
  • Monitor remote and at-home agents: Monitor network data to ensure that ISP, home network, and system configurations meet the standards for delivering an excellent CX
  • Seamless communication across channels: Assure reliable and efficient communication across all channels, including voice, digital, SMS, AI chatbots, video, and WebRTC

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Another acquisition by Cyara sees it extend its product, geographic and market footprint. It adds another office in Victoria, Australia, adding Melbourne to its existing Hawthorn location. Terms of the deal were not announced. Founded in 2011, CentraCX seems to have grown organically. The deal looks to have been completed on the 6th of March (Source Australia Companies House). Cyara will shortly have a product page available. It may be why most employees have already changed their LinkedIn Status to Cyara. Co-Founder and former CEO of CentraCX, Max Lipovetsky, is now EVP of Product at Cyara, though he appears to have joined nearly a year ago, so perhaps this deal has been in the wind for some time.

Cyara adds Generative AI to chatbot testing



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