Canva (Credit image/pixabay/Uwe Baumann)Canva, a visual communication platform has unveiled its new Canva Developers Platform which includes a set of APIs and development tools. The solution allows developers to put their app or platform to the company’s 135 million monthly active users. Canva also announced a $50 million Canva Developers Innovation Fund to support app developers provide innovative experiences to Canva community.

Canva unveiled a multitude of ways for developers to build on the platform. The company released the Canva Apps SDK (Software Development Kit) for public use. Additionally, the company announced its first Canva Connect APIs (REST APIs) coming later this year. The company unveiled the Canva Apps SDK UI library and previewed the company’s API roadmap.

The Canva Apps SDK has been in beta for the last nine months, with 11,000+ developers on the waitlist. Those on the waitlist and anyone who wants to build or integrate apps into Canva have direct access to a global community who are always looking to design better, increase their productivity, and simplify their workflows. Canva is inviting developers globally to join Canva Developers.

Canva Developers Innovation Fund

Meanwhile, Canva has committed $50 million to its first-ever Canva Developers Innovation Fund. The fund aims to invest in creative, innovative app developers and help them bring new experiences to the Canva community. Aimed to accelerate growth and adoption of apps on Canva, it will provide support including monetary grants and expert guidance. The fund will also focus on empowering developers who are underrepresented in the global market.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Anwar Haneef)
Anwar Haneef, Head of Ecosystem at Canva

We’re thrilled about the momentum gained from working with our beta partners to streamline app creation in Canva,” says Anwar Haneef, Head of Ecosystem at Canva. “By opening our design engine to a wider community of developers. We are enabling instant distribution of their apps and services to millions of people on Canva. They can tap into valuable feedback and creativity of our community, who will benefit from new ways to achieve goals.”

Canva Connect APIs

The Canva Connect APIs, the company’s first REST APIs, will simplify and automate processes for teams using Canva. Developers will be able to connect any app with Canva to seamlessly sync designs, assets, comments, and more across platforms. The Connect APIs will also enable simplified file and design management. They can programmatically upload assets into Canva folders to get teams designing quicker. Alternatively, access completed Canva designs from anywhere, and publish in any format.

Canva Apps SDK and Apps APIs

Canva has moved its SDK out of beta to enable more developers and platforms to create Canva Apps with ease. The Starter Kit allows developers to get their first app up and running in minutes. They can expand on it with Canva’s purpose-built APIs. Developers can also support people to fetch, add content, edit their design, authenticate users, export and publish, and provide data via Canva Apps.

Canva has been working for nine months with a community of developers in a beta programme to create new apps. The company expects those apps to unlock creativity and streamline workflows when designing in Canva. The APIs used to build these beta apps have been refined over this time and at Canva Extend. The company announced that the following APIs are now available to the public:

  • Asset: Upload media to a user’s media library with the Asset API for a fast, efficient experience.
  • Data: Use the Data API to become a data source and make importing data seamless.
  • Design: The Design API can build new design tools that add content to a design, read and edit what’s already there. It will let users export and publish designs to complete an end-to-end content management flow.
  • Fetch: Send HTTP requests to a third-party server with Fetch, a multi-purpose web API for tasks like integrating with external services and offloading tasks to a server.
  • User: Bridge the gap with the User API. Keep your app secure and allow users to authenticate via your platform.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Tens of millions of people around the world use Canva regularly to bring their ideas to life. Canva’s community is an incredibly important part of company, which has the simple mission of empowering the world to design. A big part of the company’s culture is “closing the loop” on feedback. Ensuring its community of designers, developers and users are seen, heard, and responded to. Hence the importance of the company’s SDK. Now available for designers and developers who can join the waitlist for the first ever Canva Connect (REST) API.

The Canva platform is a seriously impressive tool for creatives to explore and share content. However, what is impressive is the lengths the company goes to engage with its community of designers, creatives, and developers. Hopefully, the company will continue these relationships as it grows and becomes more popular, particularly with larger organisations and enterprises. This announcement will surely make Adobe sit up and take notice of this young new kid on the creative block.


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