NIBs (credit image/pexels/christina moreillo)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: SALESmanago’s survey reveals that 39% of senior marketers don’t know what a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is. The direct-to-consumer menswear label, Highland Duds, announces the launch of The Stack: an innovative shopping solution. Digital River appoints John Burke, Senior Vice President of Revenue.

Menswear brand Highland Duds introduces The Stack. It is an innovative eCommerce solution that reimagines UX To deliver an effortlessly sophisticated style. With starter workflows and access to “Sifters” community, customers can start protecting businesses from fraud in days while jumpstarting growth.

59% of marketers think customer data platforms are overlooked by the industry

The majority (59%) of senior marketers think Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are overlooked by the industry. That’s according to research by SALESmanago, the Customer Engagement Platform. The company surveyed 250 marketers in Poland, Germany, Spain and the UK to determine the disconnect between marketers and CDP adoption.

Customer data platforms act as a centralised system that collects, integrates, and manages customer data from various sources to provide a unified view of customers for effective marketing and personalisation purposes. IDC forecasts that the CDP market will surpass $5.7 billion by 2026, and there’s no doubt that CPDs are growing in popularity.

However, when asked whether they know what a Customer Data Platform is, surprisingly, 39% of respondents didn’t. Of those that do know what a CDP is, 54% find that improved data quality is the key benefit of using the platform. That is followed by it being a unified hub for data collection (17%). Customer engagement came in third at 12%.

The survey found that 62% of marketers use Customer Data Platforms for their ecommerce marketing. 43% are confident in their ability to measure the ROI and impact of CDPs. Only 14% are not confident at all in their abilities to measure ROI.

Of those that use Customer Data Platforms, integrating data from various sources into the platform is the biggest challenge respondents have encountered (57%). This was followed by ensuring data accuracy and completeness (47%). 23% also saw difficulties in training teams on how to effectively use the CDP to drive marketing initiatives (32%).

Menswear brand Highland Duds introduces The Stack

Direct-to-consumer menswear label, Highland Duds, announces the launch of The Stack: an innovative shopping solution designed to make styling smarter, not harder. Rooted in a belief that timeless, quality style should be truly effortless, The Stack offers a simple set of wardrobe options edited for your life.

Embracing individuality with a series of curated capsules, Highland Duds encourages customers to find a style true to their lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re jet-setting the globe, seeking to elevate your 9-5 look or refreshing core classics.

The Stack features a core color palette of neutrals with bold standout shades to maximize interchangeability. Delivering a luxury experience at an attainable price point, the pieces provide expert fit crafted from the highest quality fabrics, including Pima Cotton imported from the USA.

Built from over 20 years of design expertise working alongside Betsey Johnson, Brandon Aldridge founded Highland Duds in 2019 on three core principles: detailed design, skilled craftsmanship, and conscious production. Translating the relaxation of effortless style into the reality of ever-changing urban life, each style is crafted with meticulous attention to detail to last far beyond a single season.

Hinged on the brand’s mission to deliver quality, signature styles at an accessible price point. The company says it merges modern style with practicality for iconic staples made to wear in, not out.

Pioneering an ethical future, all Highland Duds styles are small-batch produced in family-owned and operated factories for a slow, eco-conscious production model that prioritizes the wellbeing of workers and the environment.

Digital River names John Burke, Senior Vice President of Revenue

Digital River, a global eCommerce enabler directly connecting brands and buyers, has appointed John Burke as Senior Vice President of Revenue. In this position, Burke will lead global Sales and Customer Success teams to accelerate revenue growth for new and existing clients and determine a course of action to help achieve company goals. He will report directly to Digital River CEO Victor Pacor.

Prior to joining Digital River, Burke held management positions at Deloitte, LLP, Oracle Corporation, and SAP Americas, Inc., where he was responsible for the United States sales organisation and led the formation of the CPG and Retail Global Centres of Expertise.

Noise Solution partners with Salesforce to support at-risk young people

Noise Solution, is a recognised social enterprise connecting at-risk young people with professional musicians to learn new skills and help them feel more in control. It is using Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Heroku, and Tableau to capture next-level insights and create a platform for young people to share their achievements.

Data shows that 75% of children and young adults who experience mental health problems are not receiving the help they need. With guidance from mentors, Noise Solution supports young people on their mental health journey.

Salesforce enables Noise Solution to automate and streamline its processes, creating a better experience for its users while providing a 360-degree view of its impact on young people. This frees up capacity for its small team, allowing them to engage with more young people and help them create music they can feel proud of.

Automating large elements of processes with Salesforce Flow Builder, means the small team can manage programmes for hundreds of young people every year. Overall, the team has doubled its productivity with Salesforce. Noise Solution’s work halved low levels of wellbeing among the last 350 young people completing their course. It also saved over £1 million a year in costs for families and services in the East of England.

Noise Solutions is looking at ways to embed AI-generated tasks into its automation processes to help connect everyone involved in the young person’s journey. For example, with AI, Noise Solutions will be able to notify teachers and family members with recommendations to provide further support.

Sift accelerates customer time-to-value with rapid deployment capabilities

Sift, the provider of Digital Trust & Safety, has released its new capabilities that allow customers to get up and running within days using its Digital Trust & Safety Platform, and immediately begin realizing value. Among these new capabilities is Starter Workflows—a pre-configured version of Sift’s popular Workflows feature, allowing businesses to automate risk-based decisioning at scale, as well as dynamically throughout the user journey.

Starter Workflows are simple, customizable, and available through Sift’s Implementation Consultants, along with a guide for all Payment Protection customers to jumpstart execution. By leveraging Starter Workflows, customers can decrease their deployment time by 85%.

New customers can also take advantage of the recently launched Sifters customer community, a centralised hub for sharing industry insights and trends, solving cross-market challenges, and contributing to a growing global fraud knowledge base. Sifters also includes direct access to Sift’s Trust and Safety Architects and customer success teams, who actively engage with Sift users in the community, providing advice on how they can optimize their use of the Sift platform and enhance their digital risk strategy.

In just over a month since its public launch, Sifters has 380 customers using the portal, with many engaging and helping each other daily.


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