Rings integration Image credit Pixabay/The DigitalArtistCopado has announced a technology partnership with nCino, Inc. It aims to provide financial institutions with proven tools for continuous integration, continuous delivery and automated testing of nCino features and functionality of the nCino cloud banking platform.

The integration will enable banks and financial institutions to automate deployments and enable banks to generate higher account opening rates, and minimize loan closing time. Financial institutions can use the Copado DevOps tools, templates and best practices to accelerate the speed, quality and value of their nCino implementation.

Copado has offered integrations to the nCino platform for several years. In 2019 Copado offered the Advanced Data Deployer for nCino Cloud Banking, enabling developers to easily release data between nCino organizations. nCino already works with over 1,850 financial institutions providing its single cloud-based Bank Operating System that drives increased efficiency, transparency, profitability and regulatory compliance across all lines of business.

With the integrated Copado DevOps platform, they can improve the efficiency of the DevOps process. Copado delivers testing, security and compliance guidance to move from sandbox to production, reducing risk.

Christie March, Vice President of Alliances for Copado,
Christie March, Vice President of Alliances for Copado,

Christie March, Vice President of Alliances for Copado, commented, “Financial institutions are looking to deploy new technologies and deliver new services faster, and proven DevOps tools and processes are the key to making that happen.

“This partnership with nCino to help financial institutions accelerate their digital initiatives will lead to faster innovation and feature adoption, from commercial banking to portfolio analytics. Together, we can help them increase efficiency, improve compliance, and deepen customer trust through an enhanced digital experience.”

Financial Institutions can combine solutions to enhance transformation.

Copado has many Finserv customers using its DevOps platform, including American AgCredit, Comerica, Citizens Bank, Fifth Third Bank and Northern Trust. The benefits of this technology partnership with nCino is evident. Both solutions are 100% powered by the Salesforce platform and closely linked with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Copado has also achieved FedRAMP, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 1, and GDPR compliance, making it one of the world’s most trusted low-code delivery platforms.

There are already joint customers, with Sanjeevkumar Bhandarkar, Principal Engineer at Comerica Bank, commenting, “Copado is our preferred tool for DevOps automation on Salesforce and nCino. The Copado platform has almost all of the features we need; it helps us reduce manual intervention, keep our environments in sync, and shorten time to release. With everything in one place, Copado gives us complete visibility into our environments and allows us to deploy seamlessly. Copado also introduces new features as part of regular releases to make it a better and effective DevOps tool for Salesforce and nCino.”

nCino Solutions

There are now two nCino solutions listed on the Copado DevOps Exchange, nCino BOS data Templates and the nCino Automated Testing Accelerator.

The nCino BOS® data templates enable you to deploy record-based data spanning across multiple nCino features and their related records. These data templates can unlock your potential to move functionality from Production and Full Copy Sandboxes into new Sandboxes. You can also deploy configuration data between sandboxes and Production Orgs.

The nCino Accelerator is a pre-configured test suite that allows you to run and build automated test cases for your nCino environment using Copado Robotic Testing. You will also be able to explore the suite’s source code, to understand better how to configure your test suites. Note that nCino is a highly customisable solution. Templates may require adjustments to meet the needs of each specific nCino implementation.

Petra Sheaffer, Manager – Global Technology Partners at nCino, added, “We are excited to have Copado in our technology ecosystem and to be working together to bring innovative solutions to the financial services industry. Our partnership will enhance the capabilities of financial institutions and streamline their workflows, enabling them to improve operational efficiency and deliver superior customer experiences.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Copado is strengthening its relationships with firms on the Salesforce platform, such as nCino. However, it also supports platforms such as ServiceNow and Veeva. As the Copado DevOps platform continues to expand its reach outside of Salesforce, this announcement ensures that it will continue to drive growth within the Salesforce platform.

nCino recently held nSight, a three-day conference that shared the latest product updates, trends, best practices, and innovations in the financial services industry. Within financial services, fintech and innovative solutions are key to meeting customers’ evolving requirements. However, financial institutions cannot rush into solutions without compliance.

The integration between Copado and nCino ensures that transformation can be delivered faster but with a greater surety that the changes are compliant and deliver the expected benefits.


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