Accelo Mobile Application (c) 2023 AcceloAccelo has revealed what it is working on and plans to deliver in the second quarter of 2023. It includes two beta products, a mobile application and Accelo payments and a new email-sending service that will launch in Q3, 2023. These are not the only initiatives; customers can review, comment and provide suggestions within the Accelo Community.

Mahlon Duke, Product Manager at Accelo
Mahlon Duke, Product Manager at Accelo

The details come in a blog by Mahlon Duke, Product Manager at Accelo, who states, “This year, we’re working on some exciting new features to help streamline your work and further automate your business processes. With Q3 fast approaching, we’re working hard to get these features into your hands to help ensure you can finish out the rest of the year strong.”

A new mobile application

Accelo has already launched the new mobile applications in beta. Testers and early adopters are treated to a brand-new user interface. It includes a new home screen that displays the user’s timesheet for the current week in a graphical form and a task list with some details highlighted, such as status and target completion date.

If the user drills down to a task, they can see and complete checklists. It means that whilst working on the computer, their mobile app acts as an additional screen to better understand what they are working on and what they need to do next. Users will also have a view client data screen. It tracks everything about a client, from contact details to budget numbers.

Duke shared upcoming features as well. These include a client activity stream so that the user can see the progress of specific customers in a single place. Accelo will also introduce expenses into the app with the ability to capture a receipt in a photo and record the expense against a project/customer to help automate the recharging process.

What isn’t clear about the expense module is whether this will include authorisation functionality within the initial build nor whether Accelo is introducing OCR and AI technology to scan and populate an expense claim with the data from a photo.

Accelo Payments

A new payment solution will automate the client’s digital payment experience. Accelo payments have already been shown to several clients who have given initial feedback. It will launch the solution in beta for US-based customers only. Duke hopes this occurs in June 2023

The Payment platform will enable Accelo customers to invoice and present payment options online for immediate payments. The new solution will accept credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. It will also support ACH payments in the US. To achieve this, it is leveraging the Payrix embedded payments platform. Payrix has operations in the US and Australia, so expect Accelo Payments to roll out to Australia next.

Email Sending Service

While Accelo already has an email-sending service embedded in its solution, this has limitations. Email capture ensures that customer communication is added to the client’s activity history immediately and that all communications are tracked and logged appropriately against a client or project. However, the current service does not integrate with users existing email accounts. This is the problem that the rewritten email service aims to resolve.

The new service will send emails directly from Google Gmail and Microsoft 365 accounts. This also means that Accelo takes advantage of the additional security protocols clients use with their corporate accounts, including SPF, DKIM and DMARC. An added advantage is that emails will appear in the sent items of the corporate account. It means that clients with email continuity, archiving, backup and retrieval solutions are automatically used.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a rich list of product updates that will get customers excited. The mobile app promises much, and Accelo may have found a way to crack mobile app usage, especially if it can become an extension of the desktop, acting as an additional interface. The new Accelo Payments service will help the quotation to cash process for Accelo customers. However, it is interesting that Accelo has chosen a vendor that is not yet fully international.

The email-sending service is one element that customers will look forward to; having a separate email account is often annoying. It means that correspondence outside of Accelo is more likely to be captured. Accelo continues to drive its product forward, and Duke has shared how Accelo is improving for both customers and prospects.


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