Monetate (credit image/Pixabay/Pexel)Brian Wilson is CEO at Monetate. The company is a leading all-in-one personalisation platform that supports marketers to understand their customers and turn the customer journey into profit. In October 2022, Monetate brand was spun out of Kibo Commerce into a standalone business focusing solely on personalisation. Enterprise Times met Brian to discuss his four key tips for brands looking to embrace personalisation into their customer experience.

1. Get content

Every website benefits from having either content or products. From a personalisation standpoint, brands and retailers need to start with product recommendations and AB test it. The site’s catalogue does not necessarily have to be selling goods. It can be content such as blog posts. Enterprises need to personalise or configure recommendations based on the workflow, and then AB test what works and quickly iterate.

2. Share data

The more data a brand can share about the traffic coming to their website, the increased effectiveness of personalisation. A platform like Monetate does not need customer data feed outside of the product catalogue. However, the more data a brand has about their customers coming to the website, data such as a loyalty programme, the increased chance for success. If an individual must log in or self-identify, all that data can get integrated in the algorithms. This can make the customer experience more personalised, seamless and relevant.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Brian Wilson)
Brian Wilson is CEO at Monetate.

3. Start started quickly

Get started quickly. It’s relatively easy to implement personalisation technologies with very high rates of return. So, enterprises can get going quickly. By helping businesses create compelling, tailored personalised digital experiences, businesses can predict visitors’ interests and needs from the first click.

4. The value of people

The value of people still matters tremendously even during all of the changes taking place in society and technology. Despite all the great AI available to enterprises, it still requires people to help drive the top-level strategies. Enterprises need employees, a customer base that recognises the brand has a great product. Need to have a data science team with machine learning capabilities supporting the business on top of a solid technology foundation.


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