Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayWith TSIA about to start, the PSA vendors are revealing product updates. This week Kantata published an update for its Kantata OX solution, and another update for Kantata SX is imminent. Another major update came from Wirke with Accelo announcing the beta version of Accelo payments. Colin Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Aprika, also gave a tip for startup leaders.


Accelo announced it would release the beat version of Accelo payments at the end of Q2 2023. Accelo Payments is an automated payment service built to deliver an effortless digital payment experience to services organisations and their clients. Accelo Payments offers a new kind of payment service. With tools focused on automation and self-service, you can regain the time you’ve lost to your current payment process and minimize the fees you have to pay.

Accelo Payments will support all major credit cards and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, ensuring one can get paid in whatever way works best for the business, including prioritizing lower-fee ACH payments.

Other key features of the upcoming Accelo Payments beta launch include the following:

  • Automatic Payment Processing for invoices on their due date based on payment information entered and saved by the client.
  • Payment Rules to control which invoices are and are not paid automatically.
  • Automatic Payment Status, a simple summary of an invoice’s payment status with details accessible to all appropriate users
  • Payments Dashboard, an intuitive dashboard to process refunds and respond to disputes.


fonemedia, a forward-thinking mobile marketing agency based in North Yorkshire, has selected Screendragon as their agency operations management solution.

Screendragon will help fonemedia fuse its creative spark with dynamic agency operations management. This includes automation of jobs from opportunity to delivery encompassing fonemedia’s sales, client, and delivery teams


Wrike announced a planned expansion of its Work Intelligence™ solution that includes new advancements in AI. Wrike’s new AI capabilities will enable organizations to improve the team and cross-functional workflows and streamline projects and tasks while providing tailored solutions to tackle today’s business challenges.

In addition to building on its AI feature set, Wrike has delivered significant user interface improvements to its Wrike Lightspeed platform, including a reimagined look and feel with a new workspace offering streamlined navigation and multiple new views to improve alignment across teams, including new Table, Board, Gantt, Calendar, Work Item, and Analytics views.

Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO of Wrike, commented, “Conversations happening in the boardroom and among business decision-makers are focused on operational efficiency, and the impact of those discussions is felt across the organization. Naturally, we’re looking to advancements in AI, machine learning, and automation to contribute to improved efficiency.

“What we’re seeing now is hockey stick growth in the pace of adoption. Just last year, we found that 86% of enterprises are planning to invest in AI. We’re fortunate to not only have a head start in the great AI race but a clear vision for the future of Wrike AI. Intelligent work management is already here.”

Wrike also announced an annual product roadmap for AI innovations to deliver the future state of intelligent work management. Planned updates include:

  • Generative AI: Using the latest AI breakthroughs for boosting productivity, Wrike will generate digest summaries across work items to surface the most important information for users to focus on.
  • Intelligent Search: Using natural language support, Wrike will quickly search and find items, assets, tools, help articles, templates, and more in a way that users are familiar with, similar to their favourite search engines.
  • Work Assistant: Introducing a personalized educational wizard to the platform will allow users instant access to relevant information and solutions for a problem at hand.
  • Smart Suggestions: By detecting patterns in user actions, Wrike will proactively make helpful suggestions, such as automating repeatable items, starting an approval, and adding actionable subitems.

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 17th April 2023



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