NIBs (Credit image/Gander)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Gander and Filco Market collaborating to help consumers identify reduced-to-clear produce. Tap to Pay on Android lets sellers accept contactless payments directly from their phones, without the need for additional hardware. Sift appoints fraud prevention and identity industry veteran Armen Najarian as Chief Marketing Officer. Nearly half of US consumers say they have made a purchase through social media. Social commerce made up about 5% of US eCommerce sales in 2022. It is expected to inch up to nearly 7% by 2025, according to Mintel research. CMS Max expands eCommerce platform to all by direct integration to DoorDash. Deployteq targets the UK to liberate marketers with a revolutionary ‘no code’ marketing automation platform.

World first anti-food waste app partners with Welsh retailer

World first anti-food waste app, Gander, has embarked on a partnership with South Wales-based retailer, Filco Market. The retailer has rolled out Gander’s ground-breaking technology in all nine of its stores. The Gander app will integrate with Filco Market’s EDGEPoS system, which is supported by Henderson Technology. The app’s real-time technology will allow the retailer to achieve significant cost savings whilst reducing food waste.

Established in 1946, Filco Market is an independent grocery chain based in Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Operating as part of the NISA group, it is one of the only Welsh convenience retailers to source milk, butchery products, eggs and pies from local Welsh farms and suppliers.

The retailer’s partnership with Gander will allow consumers to avail of the app’s ground-breaking technology. Gander will provide them with real-time information on ‘reduced to clear’ food items, enabling them to save money on weekly food bills, whilst reducing food waste.

As well as displaying ‘reduced to clear’ food products in real-time, Gander automatically removes sold items from its live feed of all in-store reductions. The app’s optimised interface also allows consumers to search by location rather than just specific stores, and to view additional store offers.

Gander’s proprietary Ganderlytics analytics platform will allow Filco Market to access data on all aspects of wastage at the store, area, or head office level. It will also provide a comprehensive insight into reduced-to-clear stock, wastage, store compliance, redistribution, and customer engagement.

Square software turns Android devices into powerful payment technology

Square has launched Tap to Pay on Android for sellers in the UK. The new technology enables sellers to securely accept contactless payments with a compatible Android device, and at no additional cost.

With Tap to Pay on Android, Square is making it even easier for new sellers and established businesses to conduct in-person commerce. Using a compatible Android device, a seller simply opens the Square Point of Sale, Square Appointments, Square for Restaurants, or Square Invoices app, enters the sale, and presents their smartphone to the customer. From there, the buyer will see the total they owe along with the familiar contactless payments symbol, and can choose to complete the payment with a contactless credit or debit card, or a digital wallet such as Google Pay.

Tap to Pay on Android is powered by Square’s elegant, intuitive software, which gives sellers a flexible, mobile solution that meets consumers’ growing preferences for contactless payments. Square’s software also benefits consumers by offering them a smooth and straightforward checkout experience, enabling them to see all the information needed to help them complete their purchases with confidence.

Tap to Pay on Android uses the inherent security components of Square’s platform to keep the business and customers’ data private and secure. When a payment is processed, no card numbers are stored on merchants’ phones, working hand in hand with Square’s high-security standards.

Square sellers and new merchants can begin using Tap to Pay on Android today by downloading the Square Point of Sale, Square Appointments, Square for Restaurants, or Square Invoices app on compatible Android devices.

Sift appoints fraud prevention and identity industry veteran Armen Najarian as Chief Marketing Officer

Sift, a Digital Trust & Safety operator, has announced that it has appointed Armen Najarian as Chief Marketing Officer. Najarian comes to Sift with more than 20 years of marketing experience and expertise in creating award-winning marketing programs at several fraud prevention and digital identity companies.

Najarian’s success in brand strategy, team building, and revenue generation was instrumental in three company exits, including Agari and ThreatMetrix, which were acquired by HelpSystems (now Fortra) and LexisNexis Risk Solutions respectively. He also held marketing leadership roles during DemandTec’s initial public offering and subsequent sale to IBM. Najarian was most recently CMO at Outseer, a spinout of RSA Security, where he drove the new corporate identity and stood up a new worldwide marketing organization.
Najarian’s appointment demonstrates Sift’s continued forward momentum in 2023, following the company’s announcement of Nagel as CEO in January, the growth of its global data network, and the launch of two product innovations that provide fraud and risk teams with unparalleled transparency and control in their fraud operations.

Nearly half of US consumers say they have made a purchase through social media

Social commerce made up about 5% of US eCommerce sales in 2022. It is expected to inch up to nearly 7% by 2025, according to Mintel research. The sector is growing at a much slower pace compared to other countries. China, for example, saw an estimated $327 billion in livestreaming sales in 2021, accounting for 10% of overall eCommerce sales. However, new Mintel data shows that US consumers remain engaged with social commerce opportunities. Half (47%) of Americans say they have purchased through social media, 58% say they are interested in doing so, and 39% have made a purchase on social media and would do so again.

For social commerce to grow significantly, consumers need to understand and feel confident in the safety of a brand’s social media sites. Less than one in five (17%) consumers say they are more comfortable purchasing from a brand’s social media compared to its website (41%) and 40% say they lack trust in the security of their payment information. However, 34% say they would be more interested in shopping on social media if they knew how their data was being kept secure. Additionally, it seems that Americans are willing to extend trust to brands online, as 35% say they would purchase from a brand’s social media channel if someone they trusted recommended it.

When examining social media platforms, 75% of US consumers say they have shopped on Facebook, 50% on Instagram, 29% on YouTube, and 18% on TikTok. The popularity of video content on social media is undeniable, as 31% of consumers say they often watch videos brands post on social media and nearly a quarter (22%) pay attention to livestreaming from brands. In fact, nearly half of Americans (46%) have purchased through livestream and would do so again. This indicates that video, particularly shoppable video, is a key success factor in driving social commerce.

CMS Max expands eCommerce platform to all by direct integration to DoorDash

CMS Max continues to expand by offering more integrations to benefit eCommerce clients both locally and nationally. It’s newest integration with DoorDash, makes the process more efficient and accurate for both businesses and their customers. The integration with DoorDash allows businesses to sell almost any type of product online and have a DoorDash driver come to their store for the product and deliver it to the customer’s address.

The team of experts at CMS Max handle the entire process of data upload and implementation. Business owners can save time and not have to worry about the details. The company has streamlined the process so businesses can expand sales with existing shopping carts and offer a fulfilment method.

Deployteq targets the UK to liberate marketers with revolutionary ‘no code’ marketing automation platform

Deployteq, a self-service marketing automation provider, is targeting growth in the UK market with its user-friendly ‘no code’ platform. The solution puts marketers in control of omnichannel campaigns and driving significant ROI.

Founded in the Netherlands in 2000, Deployteq has grown with over 150 employees as part of the 1,300-strong global marketing agency – Inspired Thinking Group. The company is increasing its dedicated team on the ground in the Group’s offices around the UK.
With 5,000+ active users and a rapidly expanding UK customer base, the move is designed to further grow Deployteq’s European market share at a time when British businesses are seeking greater ROI.

The Deployteq platform is specifically designed to enable marketers to concentrate on delivering high-impact omnichannel campaigns across email, SMS, mobile app, landing pages as well as many other channels. Additional features include intuitive campaign building tools, a dynamic relational database, instantaneous segmentation, unlimited integrations, and in-house dedicated campaign support.

The platform offers a drag-and-drop interface that enables marketers to build complex data models, data segments, dynamic personalised messages, intelligent customer journeys and real-time reporting dashboards. It integrates with external platforms such as Shopify, Shopware, and Magento. With its open API it can connect to every user’s entire tech landscape.

Deployteq boasts a deliverability rate of 99.7% on commercial and 100% on transactional messages, delivering 3.6 billion communications on behalf of its clients every year. It allows marketers to integrate all tools and data to build efficient campaigns around any form of marketing objective.


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