hands handshake partnership Image credit pixabay/rawpixelsDayshape, the Edinburgh-based resource management software vendor, has announced a partnership with Workday, the enterprise management applications vendor. The partnership was announced during the Workday Sales Kick-Off event in Las Vegas, though there was no announcement by Workday.

It is unusual for Workday to partner with a third-party firm in this way. Dayshape’s resource management solution is not currently on the Workday platform, and Workday Ventures has not invested in Dayshape, unlike Zimit, which it ultimately acquired. However, there have been some ownership changes at Dayshape recently, with CC ACC Software Limited taking a significant share in the company but not a majority share in Dayshape. This appears to be an investment by Cow Corner, an investment firm founded by Matthew Rourke, once Managing Partner at HgCapital. The ownership change seems unrelated to this announcement.

The partnership will see an integration of the Dayshape resource management solution into Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), Workday Financial Management, and Workday Professional Services Automation. Packaged solutions will be developed that offer improved and more granular resource management capabilities for the Workday applications.

Initially, the firms intend to launch two package applications and out-of-the-box configuration options and templates to accelerate deployment and the value they receive from their Workday platform.

Enterprise Times asked Dayshape what these solutions would be. A spokesperson responded saying, “As this is a partnership press release, details of exactly what the packaged solutions will be or exactly when they will be released haven’t been included. What we can say is that initially, there will be two packaged solutions, and these will be released later this year.”

Dayshape did not confirm whether the applications would be available on the Workday Marketplace or how they would be made available to Workday customers.

Andrew Bone, Dayshape CEO and Co-Founder
Andrew Bone, Dayshape CEO and Co-Founder

Andrew Bone, Dayshape CEO and Co-Founder said, “My time as a Big Four accountant being ‘resource managed’ inspired the creation of Dayshape and our people-centric approach. A critical aspect of this partnership with Workday is how well our company cultures and values align; this shared ethos will underpin how we work together to continue to enable objective scheduling decision-making and accurate forecasting for our customers.”

What Dayshape will bring to Workday

Workday already has resource management capabilities, so what is Dayshape bringing to Workday? Justin Joseph, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Workday, said, “Professional services firms have to look at the profitability and health of each project, as well as their processes to automate resourcing and increase utilization. By bringing Dayshape in as a Workday Software Partner, Workday intends to accelerate and scale the value we bring to joint customers, enabling us to provide a stronger end-to-end, intelligent resource management solution for the professional services industry.”

Dayshape will bring AI-powered resource management capabilities to Workday. it will likely include intelligent resource scheduling that considers factors such as margin, utilization, capacity, skills/qualifications, and employee preferences. The solution enables the organisation to evolve tactical resourcing to a strategic asset aligned with the firm’s goals.

There is a crossover with Workday in several other areas that Dayshape offers. It will be interesting to see what additional capabilities they bring that go beyond those of Workday. Other features in Dayshape include:

  • Engagement Financials: Manage resources and financials in one place
  • People First Planning: Attract and retain talent with people first planning
  • Governance and quality: Maintain quality with configurable project controls
  • Reporting and management information

The press release states, “with resources, skills, projects, billing, and planning information from Workday informing the resource plans and forecasts created by Dayshape.” The intent seems to be a deeper integration between the two platform and these packaged solutions. Dayshape customers might consider Workday as an HCM or Finance solution, and Workday customers will enhance their Workday platform with Dayshape.

Enterprise Times also asked Dayshape whether it had other similar partnerships and integrations. The response, “Dayshape integrates with a firm’s existing tech stack to pull in finance, projects, resources, and skills information which varies by customer. This partnership is different, in that we are creating packaged, out-of-the-box configurations and templates for faster implementation, to offer a truly end-to-end resource management solution that extends and accelerates the value of a firm’s Workday investment.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

For Dayshape, this could have huge potential. It currently has around 50,000 users and growing. Opening its platform to the Workday customer base could see significant interest from larger firms worldwide.

While there is no direct link between the investment by Cow Corner and the partnership with Workday, the new investors may have helped facilitate the deal by providing the finance to grow the R&D function. Was Workday Ventures considered? Did Dayshape feel the power dimension between itself ad Workday Ventures is too great?

For Workday, this is an interesting move. Workday may feel that its investments in resource management will not reach the level of capability that Dayshape has, quickly. That it has not yet chosen to invest in Dayshape means that it will retain a level of independence and drive its roadmap forward alongside that of Workday. The new investor should help Dayshape meet the demands of Workday to deliver new solutions on time.

If this partnership works, the winners will be Dayshape and, presumably, Cow Corner, who have invested at the right time. For Workday, if Dayshape integration proves itself, will it look to acquire the company and bring the technology onto its platform entirely, like it did with Zimit CPQ?


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