Textile bolts at Tosunoğlu factory, (c) 2023 Tosunoğlu Tosunoğlu, the Turkish textile manufacturer, has selected Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise to help run its operations. Founded in Denizli, Turkey, in 1986, the company manufactures and distributes high-quality fabrics for residential and outdoor spaces to more than 60 countries worldwide.

In 2021 the firm opened a new 91,000m2 factory in the Denizli Industrial Zone. With this increased capacity, it is expanding its target market with new industries for its brands. In recent years it has expanded its product lines. Integro, its indoor brand, delivers furniture, accessories and floor coverings ranges. Its outdoor brand, toSUN, designs and manufactures outdoor textiles for various types of seating, both for the home and industry, such as beach chairs.

Murat Tosunoğlu, Tosunoğlu VP
Murat Tosunoğlu, Tosunoğlu VP

Tosunoğlu decided it needed to modernise the business’s technology to support the expansion. Murat Tosunoğlu, Tosunoğlu VP, explained the reason behind the transformation, “For hotel chains and mobility industries, we need to be more customer-focused — fast, flexible and responsive to changing supply chain challenges. This involves putting our customer’s needs and preferences at the core of all our business decisions by collecting and analyzing customer data and tailoring products and services.”

Enterprise Times asked Tosunoğlu what they used before the migration to Infor. Omer Faruk Diker, Tosunoğlu planning manager, replied, “We have been using a package program of the IBS software since 2002 for the production phase. For production monitoring, an information system was established, which gives data to this program. In addition, a different package program called Procode ( local vendor program) has been used for the warehouse.”

The selection

As one would expect, Tosunoğlu reviewed the market. We asked what other solutions were considered? Diker replied, “When we decided to change the program we currently use, we decided to buy an end2end ERP, and we had talks with IFS and Canias and got their presentations and demos.”

It selected the multi-tenant Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise hosted on AWS because of its proven heritage in delivering a fully integrated solution to organisations that work in this sector.

Murat Tosunoğlu added, “To achieve this agility, we consulted on the Infor multi-tenant cloud enterprise resource, which allows all of our departments to work with the same data. Thanks to this digitalization step, we expect to respond more rapidly to the demands of the industries in which we have just started to operate, while also improving the existing operation process within our structure.”

ET asked Diker what differentiated Infor from the competition. He said,  “First of all, it provides a real multi-tenant cloud service. It looks more advanced than other ERPs in BI and analytics, and stable user interfaces. Also, industry-specific ERP that understands the business processes of discrete manufacturers”.

The project

As part of the project, Tosunoğlu also engaged with Enigma Business Solutions, a Turkish Infor Associate Channel Partner with experience in delivering Infor solutions to several manufacturers in Turkey.

Reslen Eroğlu, Enigma Business Solutions managing partner, commented,  “Industrial manufacturers’ efforts to respond quickly to their customers’ expectations lead to more complications in their businesses. We enable manufacturers to become more flexible and more agile by helping them develop and manage organizational change strategies to handle complexity. In line with this, companies that use digital business applications seem to have higher growth potential, such as hotel chains and mobility industries.

“If digital business applications are used in the right way, a big step is taken in fostering the growth of a company. Therefore, we considered Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise solution to be the best match to support Tosunoğlu in this process of growth and expansion into new operating fields.”

The project will see Infor CloudSuite strengthen the advanced project management capabilities that Tosunoğlu already have. These ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and meeting stakeholder expectations. Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise will further advance this by providing a single solution to manage the end-to-end process.

Enterprise Times asked Diker whether other Infor or third-party solutions would integrate with the new ERP. Diker replied, “For now, no third-party software integration is considered. However, since personnel payroll processes are not yet included in LN, we may look for a tertiary software for this in the future, but we hope that LN will be able to meet our needs with the upcoming updates in this area.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

No timescale was given for the rollout of the project by Tosunoğlu, though Diker is the implementation lead at the company. It will be interesting to see how the project unfolds as the manufacturing firm and how Infor helps to deliver success at the company.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise is a proven solution in the industry. Last year it won a deal to replace a legacy ERP at GAMA Recycle Sustainable Technologies. Enigma Business Solutions was again the Infor partner involved. This experience should see Tosunoğlu and Enigma through a successful partnership as it deploys the cloud solution.


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