Unit4 Results Image credit Pixabay/GeraltUnit4 has issued a business momentum release after completing its first quarter of 2023. This is the first business update that Unit4 has published since its H1 2022 “results” published in August 2022. Like the August release, this announcement reveals more qualitative information about its growth than quantitative statistics.

Unit4 reveals that it had a good start to the year, winning new customers such as Frankfurt Construction Management GmbH,  L&Q HousingGemeente Edam-VolendamCity of Nanaimo,  MONETRA and the Municipality of Gooise Meren. These organisations have selected Unit4 ERPxFP&A, and Scanmarket to improve operational efficiency, improve collaboration, mitigate risks and lower costs.

Several organisations have also gone live during the quarter, including the Municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, the Municipality of Etten-Leur, and the Municipality of Bronckhorst.

Gemeente Bronckhorst selected Unit4 in 2022, with a four-year contract running until 2025. Henk Neijenhuis, Manager Gemeente Bronckhorst, commented, “Bronckhorst municipality wants a modern SaaS solution that meets the municipality’s changing needs and can grow over time. We want a user-friendly solution that supports our financial processes efficiently and can be easily integrated. We are looking for an ERP solution that helps us and residents move forward, now, and well into the future. ERPx meets that need.”

Unit4 find huge success in the Netherlands

The number of Dutch municipalities selecting Unit4 ERPx in the Netherlands is substantial. Whether these are existing customers moving to the cloud-based ERPx is unclear, but the momentum is impressive. ERPx is a modern ERP based on a micro-services architecture that makes it ideal for slotting to a complex software architecture that municipalities often have to support different services.

The migration to ERPx enables them to simplify processes, improve data quality and deliver an enhanced experience to employees, citizens and customers, whether in the public or private sector.

Sam Hamway, Research Analyst at Nucleus Research commented, “For organizations seeking to improve productivity while moderating spending, Unit4 provides an effective way to reduce IT complexity, bundle software costs, expedite implementations, and realize higher ROIs from their technology deployments. Through this value proposition and demonstrated competitive wins against other enterprise software suite vendors, Nucleus is confident in Unit4’s market competitiveness as spending tightens.”

Enterprise Times: What does  this mean

This is a very European-centric update, with only the Canadian public sector of Nanaimo featuring in the list of customers won. There is no doubt that Unit4 is performing well in the Netherlands, but how well is it doing elsewhere? As a private company, like many others, it rarely issues any revenue figures. However, there are no growth figures, and the omission of an H2 2022 update also raises questions.

Mike Ettling, CEO at Unit4 (Image credit Linked In)
Mike Ettling CEO at Unit4

Mike Ettling, CEO, Unit4, commented, “Our customers’ buying patterns clearly demonstrate that digitization is a priority for all types of organizations. Retaining legacy systems for fear of how much it will cost to replace, may actually cost companies more than they realize, and not just financially.

“Those organizations which are moving to flexible, cloud-based solutions are building resilience for the future and crucially, already experiencing business transformation.”

Q1 2023 has started with a bang, can Unit4 keep up the momentum for the rest of the year? Will it share what it has achieved in subsequent quarters? Does moving from half yearly-ish to quarterly announcements mean that it will be making these regularly, or are they just ad hoc?


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