fabric (credit image/Pixabay/rostichep)fabric, a provider of headless and modular technology has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The partnership aims to reinvent the next generation of eCommerce technology to accelerate the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of the Internet. Fabric would like to end the pain of re-platforming. As a member of AWS Partner Network, fabric now has access to additional resources from AWS. This includes dedicated technical assistance that will help fabric architect, scale, and optimise solutions for the cloud. Furthermore, the company expects to integrate features and products more easily with AWS services.

Additionally, fabric has joined AWS Marketplace, which enables the company to co-market its products to AWS customers. AWS Marketplace will help amplify fabric’s lead-generation activities, extending its reach to other innovative companies that want to leverage the cloud to advance eCommerce in more than 150 countries.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Faisal Masud)
Faisal Masud, CEO of fabric

The collaboration between fabric and AWS represents an amazing meeting of the minds between the company that pioneered online shopping and our startup, providing new, innovative, Amazon-level technology to mid-market and enterprise level retailers and brands,” said Faisal Masud, CEO of fabric. “The biggest beneficiary of this collaboration will be fabric’s customers. They will see their commerce platform run on the best performing and most reliable cloud in the business. Along with AWS technical expertise. This is a big moment in the evolution of eCommerce.”

Free from monolithic platforms

In addition to the co-marketing opportunity, the support from AWS will dramatically accelerate product development. This is expected to help fabric build more inventive commerce-focused solutions in the cloud.

fabric’s solutions are at the cutting edge of headless commerce. It frees online retailers from old-fashioned, monolithic approaches to enter a new generation of easy, flexible, API-first driven eCommerce. Something our online retail customers can greatly benefit from,” said Howard Wright, VP and Global Head of Startups at AWS. “This collaboration will put the full weight of our resources, expertise, and reach to help them scale and bring even more retailers to the twenty-first century.”

According to fabric, with its products available through the AWS Marketplace, retailers and brands now have a one-stop shop for virtually all their compute power, storage, content delivery, and other technical needs. fabric customers also gain access to the AWS Partner Network, consisting of over 100,000 partners with diverse expertise across nearly every industry and use case.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Headless means connecting every sales channel (head) to a single source. This may entail connecting product, pricing, and order data across every channel. In turn this enables the creation of new experiences for new channels with the same data. In addition to the ability to update content for every channel from one place.

fabric is now part of the AWS Partner Network and Marketplace. This should allow the company to offer its innovative eCommerce solutions to more customers. Furthermore, access to the AWS Marketplace should open the company’s products and services to even more potential customers and partners.


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