Brightpearl (Credit image/Brightpearl)Seasoning brand Dan-O’s Seasoning, has signed up with Brightpearl by Sage to transform its operational processes. The culinary retail business has connected to Brightpearl’s retail operating system and gained access to its range of out-of-the-box features. This includes a powerful Automation Engine, an extensive library of Plug & Play integrations and the game-changing Inventory Planning tool.

With Brightpearl’s strong, hyper-scalable foundation, Dan-O’s Seasoning team can multiply business capacity. In addition, the solution is expected to remove operational blockers to growth. Since its first bottle was sold back in 2016, Dan-O’s Seasoning has seen widespread success with its affordable range of low-sodium, zero-calorie seasoning mixes.

The Kentucky-based brand sells direct to consumers across the USA, both online and via its own website. It also uses online marketplaces such as Amazon, and wholesale in over 13,000 retail outlets and grocery stores.

The company has experienced a period of growth in which the brand doubled its revenue each month. This has resulted in it growing ten times over. This is one of the major reasons Dan-O’s Seasoning made the decision to upgrade its systems. A few new partnerships with several retail giants have seen wholesale orders soaring for the brand. As a result, the merchant selected Brightpearl to act as a central source of truth for its increasing multi-channel processes. Furthermore, to facilitate the incoming boost in order volume.

Unlocking inventory visibility

The seasoning retailer will save time and boost accuracy with Brightpearl’s Automation Engine. This streamlines and automates manual workflows in inventory, warehouse, ordering, shipping and fulfilment, reducing human error. The solution is expected to save hours of time for staff to dedicate their efforts towards product innovation and growth.

Brightpearl suggests connecting to national retailers should be simple with its Plug & Play integrations and open API access. This means Dan-O’s Seasoning can easily extend to apps such as Shopify Plus, Amazon, Shipstation and Walmart. In addition to any other apps, channels and locations the brand may want to sync with in future. The business can organise its custom tech stack, switching out and taking on new apps as it expands and evolves.

Inventory Planner Premium unlocks inventory visibility and smart, data-driven sales forecasts that factor in microtrends, lead times and promotional periods. It thereby reduces the risk of overstocking and stockouts. With these tools in place, Dan-O’s Seasoning can make informed purchasing choices and maximise inventory profitability.

Justin Press, VP of Customer Success at Brightpearl
Justin Press, VP of Customer Success at Brightpearl

Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, said, “Dan-O’s Seasoning is deservedly seeing a real spike in success. With big partnerships incoming – and we’re delighted to have Brightpearl become part of their business journey by acting as a strong operational foundation for their multichannel growth.

“With Brightpearl in place as a central source of truth, the Dan-O’s Seasoning team can rest easy. As they’ll receive real-time insights into performance across all workflows and departments. Furthermore, have more time to dedicate to their incredible flavour mixes.

“We’re glad to offer Dan-O’s Seasoning the perfect mixture to supercharge its operations and make a great business even greater as it grows.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

It is more than a year since Sage acquired Brightpearl, and for the new entity, the merger appears to be paying dividends. For Brightpearl, the deal gave it a sales and marketing reach it could not have attained quickly. For Sage, it delivers a new vertical for Sage Intacct almost immediately. It has customer advocates and can compete effectively with competitors such as NetSuite and Jesta IS. Brightpearl’s continual success in winning business, particularly in the US, is a good indicator for the company. Its contract win with Dan-O’s Seasoning is a good example.

With Brightpearl in place as Dan-O’s Seasoning central source of truth, the team will receive at-a-glance insights across the business. As well as in-depth analytics and reporting for each of its DTC and wholesale workflows. With such up-to-date, granular data readily available, Dan-O’s Seasoning can make more informed business decisions without the need to consolidate multiple spreadsheets. Nor track down wayward documentation. A win-win situation for both Dan-O’s Seasoning, who can operate far more efficiently than before. And Brightpearl, who have another successful use case.


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