(Credit image/Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Scandit launches SparkScan, enabling frictionless data capture for high-volume scanning workloads. Riskified, ticketing platform gametime, improves eCommerce approval rates and customer satisfaction.

vCommerce leaders are the only livestream shopping channels on the Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) service. CGI partners with NetApp to help clients accelerate data-intensive digital transformation in the cloud.

Scandit launches SparkScan for frictionless data capture

Scandit has launched SparkScan, a pre-built smartphone scanning interface designed for high-performance barcode scanning. Part of the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, SparkScan fits on top of any smartphone application. It provides an intuitive user interface for scanning in scan-intensive workflows such as inventory management in retail, or goods receiving in logistics.

Enterprises worldwide are seeking the multiple benefits of switching from legacy dedicated scanners to smartphones. A lower total cost of ownership, multi-functional capabilities, and the benefit of offering company-owned, personally enabled devices. This is critical when attracting and retaining a workforce for important frontline roles. SparkScan further eases this transition by removing technical barriers thanks to its pre-built interface.

The intuitive interface of SparkScan integrates with any application without requiring any app redesign or customization. It can be integrated with just a few lines of code, making the implementation of market-leading smart data capture solutions fast, simple and straightforward.

Scandit engineers optimised every detail of the scanning experience. They reduced friction and provided a fast and ergonomically comfortable scanning experience. The user interface is designed to enable better aiming and triggering, with no constraints on how the device is held and no need to rely on a screen for aiming. These are important factors that positively impact user comfort, adoption, and productivity.

As part of the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, SparkScan users can rely on top performance. It scans accurately at unmatched speed, in low light, at a distance or at multiple angles. It is even able to capture damaged barcodes.

Gametime implements Riskified chargeback guarantee solution

Riskified has announced that Gametime, a popular marketplace for sports, concerts, theatre and comedy show tickets, has implemented its Chargeback guarantee solution. It provides real-time fraud decisions and increases purchase approval rates and revenues.
Faced with fraud challenges unique to ticketing providers, coupled with a post-pandemic surge in demand, Gametime found that fast, accurate decision-making around the legitimacy of transactions was critical for it to remain competitive in the ticket marketplace.

Gametime selected Riskified’s machine-learning platform to review all of their transactions. It paid special attention to higher-risk circumstances like major sporting events such as playoffs, and concert on-sale dates. With its identity-cluster technology and extensive knowledge of fraud trends, Riskified is able to accurately identify and approve legitimate orders. It also creates a frictionless customer experience for good customers while blocking fraud and protecting Gametime against chargebacks.

Due in part to the partnership with Riskified, Gametime has reported a 1.5% increase in transaction success rates. The company also recorded an eight-point increase in its Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measure of customer satisfaction, from customers who were able to seamlessly purchase high-value tickets (greater than $1,000 per ticket).

QVC and HSN bring livestream video shopping to Redbox Free live TV service

QVC and HSN, operators in video commerce (“vCommerce”), which includes video-driven shopping across linear TV, ecommerce sites, digital streaming and social platforms, have launched their livestream shopping channels on Redbox’s streaming app. They are the only livestream shopping channels available on the Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment owned Redbox Free Live TV service. It is accessible to millions of consumers via the free Redbox app. QVC and HSN are part of Qurate Retail.

QVC and HSN will offer Redbox’s audience approximately 40 hours a day of live vCommerce programming across both channels. They will feature premier brands and fresh new products presented by celebrities, influencers and other interesting personalities who engage with customers in real-time on multiple platforms.

QVC and HSN join over 160 channels on Redbox Free Live TV. It is available on the web and as an app on major entertainment platforms, including Roku devices, connected TVs, gaming platforms, and iOS and Android devices. QVC and HSN will appear in the “Travel and Lifestyle” collection alongside about a dozen other channels. They will be highlighted initially in the “Featured” collection at the top of the home page.

One of the largest providers of premium content to value-conscious consumers, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s Redbox streaming app also offers access to tens of thousands of movies and TV series for rent or purchase – as well as thousands of free movies to watch through its Ad-Supported Video-on-Demand (AVOD) service. Redbox also operates a network of over 34,000 kiosks across the US, offering consumers the lowest-cost entertainment option for new-release movies.

This launch reflects Qurate Retail Group’s strategic initiative to expand the reach of its original vCommerce experiences across new media and digital platforms. QVC and HSN reach more than 200 million homes globally via 14 linear TV channels, which are widely available on cable/satellite TV, free over-the-air TV, and digital livestreaming TV.

CGI partners with NetApp to help clients accelerate data-intensive digital transformation in the cloud

CGI has announced a new global alliance partnership with NetApp focused on helping organizations across industry sectors unlock the full potential of hybrid and multi-cloud environments to drive flexibility, efficiencies and cost savings in the management of their applications and use of their data.

Through this new alliance, CGI and NetApp will provide clients with a single, consistent cloud environment, unified data services, and centralised management that support full visibility of both on-premise and cloud-based systems and data.

An example of the joint CGI and NetApp end-to-end offerings is a Hybrid Cloud Managed Service. It leverages CGI’s full-stack managed services and cloud factory. It also supports NetApp’s automation, Keystone offering, and multi-cloud integration capabilities.

NetApp joins CGI’s global partner network, which helps the firm provide clients with access to a wide range of technical platforms and solutions in areas such as cloud, intelligent automation, and digital operations infrastructure. Working together, CGI and NetApp will help clients increase flexibility, while reducing operational complexity and risk, as they transition to the cloud. Clients will be able to leverage an optimal hybrid, multi-cloud platform that makes it easy to securely manage, access and analyse data.

CGI has been at the forefront of cloud transformation for more than a decade, offering clients across industries the capabilities of a global cloud practice with 7,000+ professionals, along with 12 innovation labs and 46 networked emerging technology teams. The company helps clients co-develop, implement and manage innovative cloud-based solutions at pace and scale, with the support of an end-to-end services portfolio.


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