(Credit image/Pixabay/Jan Vašek)SumUp has unveiled its Kiosk solution designed to transform how businesses process orders. SumUp’s Kiosk solution is expected to dramatically improve the speed at which merchants can process orders. Locations range from small restaurants that rely on high order turnover to stadiums which host major sporting and music events. The company says it will save them both time and money.

Kiosk enables customers to seamlessly order, pay, and collect their orders via self-order kiosks at quick-service restaurants and retailers. The kiosk delivers upsides to both customers and merchants. Customers receive their food quicker in a more streamlined way, whereas merchants can focus on other business operations.

It’s also important to note that consumer habits are changing, notably since the pandemic. Research shows that millennials and Gen Z prefer contactless ordering with minimal but efficient interactions. The Kiosk solution enables businesses to meet these needs whilst serving other customers in their preferred way.

In addition, for merchants, self-order kiosks typically increase basket size by as much as 30%. The product is fully customisable and has integration options for payments and Point of Sale. It can also be managed remotely. Kiosk features also support for complex product categories as well as dynamic price books. It has been successfully rolled out already throughout the UK in several stadiums and venues, including Leicester City Football Club, Cardiff City Football Club and Leicester Tigers RFC.

SumUp’s increasing product range

Joseph Flynn, Head of Order & Pay at SumUp said, “SumUp has been on the side of merchants since our founding over a decade ago. The launch of our kiosk solution is testament to our continued commitment to helping businesses thrive and succeed. Crucially, Kiosk brings together the best of SumUp – in-house built hardware, innovative software, and dedication to making business simple.”

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Helen Craddock)
Helen Craddock, Strategic Support Director at SumUp

SumUp partners with leading sports and entertainment caterers, Levy UK + Ireland. Helen Craddock, Strategic Support Director, said, “We are thrilled to be rolling out SumUp Kiosk across our Stadiums in the UK and Ireland. SumUp have developed something that fits our business. It is great to be working with a partner who shares our vision on the ever-evolving way consumers choose to pay.”

SumUp Kiosk is the latest addition to SumUp’s expanding product ecosystem, which includes a subscription offering SumUp One. In addition to entry-level Point of Sale product POS Lite for smaller businesses, POS Pro for concurrent order processing. The company also has Magic Pay. A payment solution which allows diners to split their bills and pay by scanning a QR Code at the table.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

SumUp’s growth has been impressive. Formed in 2011, the company is active in 34 countries and serves more than three million merchants. Over the last decade, the company has successfully launched a range of innovative fintech products and services aimed at SMEs.

The company’s recent new solution continues that trend. SumUp Kiosk, on paper, appears to be an efficient means of taking and fulfilling orders. At the same time, it saves businesses time and money for both merchants and consumers. All merchants look for systems that process orders quickly, sell online immediately, and manage revenues efficiently. SumUp has been successful in creating the tools that help businesses achieve these objectives.

Last month, SumUp unveiled a new suite of POS solutions – with the launch of POS Lite. The new solution was made available to retailers in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. The company also launched its new and improved Point of Sale system, POS Pro. With POS Lite, the company is creating an entry-level Point of Sale product that will serve the smallest businesses. SumUp is expanding the product suite for businesses of all sizes, building on the success of the POS solution.


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