How to create a Pie chart in Excel - Photo by Kavya P K on UnsplashIn the past, I showed how easy it is to create a chart in Excel. I will now focus on the pie chart alone. What is a pie chart used for?

A pie chart is a bit like a multi topping pizza. Take a half and half pizza. It clearly shows that 50% of the pizza is one flavour, and 50% another. My local pizzeria can also create ¼ sections, just for me, however, a pie chart can display any percentage up to 100%.

Pie charts are useful for visually showing data values when spread across a few categories.

So when creating a chart think how you need to represent the data more effectively and understand that a Pie chart refers to just one set of data at a time.

Here is an example of the data which I shall use. Example 1

I have purposely chosen to create two columns of data to show that I need to create two charts to reflect the data I have.

How to create a pie chart

  • Select the first and second column of the data. Select cells
  • You need to start at the cell A2 to be able to select the title of the column B so that you do not need to then create a title for the chart.
  • Select the Insert Tab. Insert Tab
  • From the Chart section select the Pie chart tool. Pie chart Tool

This list appears.

  • Start off by selecting the simple 2D pie chart.
  • The chart is presented to you like this. Result 1

The chart is placed in the centre of your screen. You can move the whole thing or change the aspect of the chart.

The title is automatically placed at the top and the colours are in the Legend which shows along the bottom of the chart corresponding with the months of the year in this data case.

The default is to have a chart “floating” over the spreadsheet. But you may prefer to have the cart on a sheet all of it’s own called and Chart Sheet.

How to create a chart sheet

  • Begin by selecting your data as we did above.
  • Select the 2D column chart.
  • The chart is created and placed in the centre of the screen. This is not the end.
  • Locate the location section on the ribbon, where the Move tool is found. Chart Location
  • Select this tool. This dialog box appears. Chart Sheet

The default setting is the second choice.

  • Select the first choice. [New Sheet]. In the bot to the right you can name that sheet.

The result is Result 2

I personally like this as the chart fills the screen and you can work more easily with more data. The two sheets “sheet1” where the date is located and “Chart 1” where the chart is located are linked. Whatever you change in the data sheet will automatically change and update the chart in the chart sheet.

How to create a pie chart from separate columns of data

Select the first column as this has the information of months in this case.

  • Hold down the [CTRL] key and select the cells in the next column (i.e. C2:C14) Selection of two separate columns
  • Select the chart tool of a simple 2D version and you can have two pie charts on your spreadsheet explaining two different data sets for the same shop. Result 3

One last tip

If you are in a hurry, or you’d like to see the chart a s large as possible and as quickly as possible, you can select the data and press [F11] key.

This will create a bar chart on a separate sheet called a chart sheet, where you can switch to be a pie chart from the tools in the ribbon.

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