Which Digital Marketing Strategies Have The Best ROI? - Image by Prodeep Ahmeed from Pixabay Digital marketing has never been more important in the business world. It is the route between a world of online users and your business. Any number of the 5 billion people browsing the internet could be a potential suitor for your services.

In a world where you can spot countless people around you on digital devices or going online, it is obvious that digital marketing is crucial. The way information is consumed is so different from a decade ago. When you look back that far, traditional marketing methods dominated the business space. Old-school advertising, TV commercials, and editorials paved the way for what now is PPC, social media content, and digital PR, which has revolutionized the way marketing is done.

One of the best benefits of digital marketing is the ability to monitor the activity – you can see immediate data, feedback, insights, and success on all the campaigns you run. Compare this to the 1950s when advertising companies dominated the marketing space, and you thought that the key to selling your product or service lay in billboard or newspaper adverts. Back then, the only result that could be garnered was revenue, and this could be completely exclusive to marketing activity.

Now, digital marketing allows for measurability and feedback. The best businesses look at the ROI of their digital marketing to see how the different channels and campaigns perform and what could be done to improve them. For example, when undertaking email marketing campaigns, marketers can monitor stats like email deliverability, checking for open rates and clickthroughs.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies outshine old-school marketing in various ways, but the key ones are engagement, timeliness, cost, and data. Data is given for campaigns, whether it is pay-per-click or website usage. Engagement is also tracked similarly through view times, clickthroughs, and pathways.

When you carry out digital marketing campaigns, the biggest shock is how cheap most of them are. A PC and an internet connection is enough to conduct most digital marketing strategies. Ultimately, when you begin to spend on digital marketing, you want to be able to track the cost. This is crucial for determining which strategies get you the best return on your money. Here are the best digital marketing strategies in terms of return on investment (ROI):

Creating Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that can be pivotal to your business in the long term. Whether you are looking at promoting services, products, or upsells, email marketing should be your first port of call. In terms of ROI, it has been reported that every $1 spent on email marketing, can make $42 in returns.

Email marketing can segment your subscriber list to make sure you can personalize and target different types of customers. It allows you to personalize your digital marketing at a time when personalized marketing is reaching peak popularity amongst consumers. In 2020, around 42% of consumers in 2020 had placed importance on having personalized content in marketing.

As well as acquiring and generating new customers and pipelines for your business sales arm, email marketing can boost your retention rates by improving trust and brand awareness. Keeping your company’s name in the conversation will likely keep customers and their business.

Ranking Up Through SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the digital marketing strategy that, in essence, helps your company rank up in the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. If you are a strong content-creating business, you should have no problem churning out content through your company’s website.

By hitting keyword targets, ensuring that your company has a quick-loading website with good navigation, and more, you can find your SEO strength to grow. The ROI benefit is how your company can generate so many more leads and customers through organic search.

Get Business Using Pay-Per-Click

Using PPC or Pay-Per-Click is one model of internet advertising. It is where the advertising company has to pay a fee for each time their ad is clicked on. It is a great method of driving traffic from search engines and websites to your business and paying for what you get in results, as opposed to the long-term path of earning organic leads.

Reports have found that PPC can generate an ROI of 200% when utilizing paid advertising online. The huge benefit is the way it qualifies leads, which organic search can miss, directing customers who are inherently interested in doing business to your website.


When looking to optimize your digital marketing, it would make sense not to look too far from home. The most creative digital marketing strategies, like digital PR, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and others, have high costs and high rewards. Focusing your digital marketing efforts on SEO, email marketing, PPC, and just keeping your website tidy with quick load times can be enough to get a huge ROI on your digital marketing.

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