(Credit image/Brightpearl)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Cara & Co, is adopting Inventory Planner by Sage for smarter seasonal forecasting as the business grows. Phos’ software point-of-sale solution will enable the payment gateway to expand its payment acceptance points in the US. Rocket.net’s turnkey solution is enabling hosting companies and agencies to resell Managed WordPress Hosting with a few clicks. Loopy launched a productivity tool to drive operational efficiencies and reduce AHT (average handling time), available in the Zendesk Marketplace. Sorted’s return platform provides a logistical framework to overcome Brexit challenges,

Canada’s leading crafts supplier adopts Inventory Planner by Sage

One of North America’s top bead and crafting retailers, Cara & Co, is adopting Inventory Planner by Sage for smarter seasonal forecasting. The company says this is so the team is always across what products to buy and when to buy them as the business grows.
Female-founded and with an all-female workforce, Cara & Co is a Canada-based beads and crafts retailer. The company specialises in silicone beads and premium crafting supplies, including DIY craft kits.

It first launched its e-store from a basement in 2013. Since then Cara & Co has grown exponentially. To coincide with its increasing order volume and the opening of a new HQ and warehouse space, the brand looked to upgrade its inventory planning intelligence.

In opting for Inventory Planner, Cara & Co has gained access to its full range of data-fuelled inventory planning intelligence. This includes full inventory visibility, intuitive reporting, game-changing sales forecasting capability and accurate and reliable purchasing recommendations. With Inventory Planner supporting Cara & Co’s forecasting, purchasing and reporting processes, the brand can make informed inventory decisions on a granular level. It creates an optimised inventory that will drive profitability and boost essential cash-flow.

With Inventory Planner, Cara & Co now has the tools and insights to solve its formerly manual inventory planning calculations and receive in-depth visibility and reporting functionality across its entire stock listings.

Phos partners with Thrive Payments to bring Tap-to-Phone tech to US market

Phos, a providers of software point-of-sale (SoftPoS) orchestration for businesses, has partnered with Massachusetts-based Thrive Payments to deploy its Tap-to-Phone solution in the US.

The deal will enable the payment gateway’s merchant customers to accept card payments directly on any NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet, in-store or on the go. This means they can greatly, and rapidly, expand their number of payment acceptance points, without the need to invest in costly additional hardware.

Phos’ ‘Tap-to-Phone’ solution uses state-of-the-art technology for secure transactions through a mobile device. The user-friendly design allows for the quick, easy and contactless processing of payments, bringing added convenience to businesses and consumers alike.

Over half of American adults now regularly use at least one form of contactless payment, according to a recent survey. This change in consumer behaviours is prompting merchants to review their payment processing capabilities in response.

In bringing a Tap-to-Phone solution to market, Thrive Payments becomes one of the early adopters of the technology in the US. The merchant services provider is committed to providing its business customers with solutions that expand their payment acceptance offerings and aid in maximising their success.

Thrive Payments and Phos will begin the process of deploying the Tap-to-Phone solution and making it available to its merchant customers across the country. Its latest partnership with Thrive Payments comes amid growing market interest in SoftPoS and Tap-to-Pay technology, with consumer tech giant Apple now in the process of enabling third-party SoftPoS providers to deploy their technology on iPhone devices.

Rocket.net launches WHMCS module for reselling managed WordPress on private cloud

Rocket.net, a Managed WordPress Hosting platform, has released its all-new WHMCS module. The solution enables WHMCS users to effortlessly resell Managed WordPress Hosting on the Rocket.net Private Cloud.

In 2021, Rocket.net announced their Reseller Hosting offering that came with a free WooCommerce plugin enabling Agencies to provide their customers with the Rocket.net experience, all white-labeled and customized to their brand.

After launching the WooCommerce plugin and working with agencies, Rocket.net realized there was a huge opportunity to enable a more end-to-end solution for agencies by enabling them to use WHMCS. It offers extremely flexible billing supporting dozens of payment gateways, custom quotes and customer communications through a full-featured helpdesk.

Bring your own servers – By leveraging WHMCS and the Private Cloud, hosting companies and/or agencies can bring their own hardware, all while still leveraging the Rocket.net Cloudflare Enterprise edge and origin configuration. Rocket.net’s WHMCS module is immediately available for all Agency and Reseller customers. There is no additional cost for the WHMCS module, and it takes just a few minutes to get configured.

Loopy launches productivity tool to drive operational efficiencies and reduce average handling time

Loopy has launched a new productivity tool designed to drive operational efficiencies, save costs and reduce AHT (average handling time) for customer support teams. The tool is now available in the Zendesk Marketplace, enabling Zendesk’s customers to take advantage of Loopy’s innovative technology and improve their customer support operations.

Loopy, a provider of productivity tools for customer support teams, announced the availability of its flagship product in the Zendesk Marketplace. Loopy is a powerful productivity tool designed to help customer support teams track and optimize their performance, reduce average handling time (AHT), and save costs.

Loopy offers a unique Agent Effort Score that allows customer support teams to track and measure the effort required to handle different types of support tickets. With these insights, teams can optimize their workflows, identify areas for improvement, and drive operational efficiencies. The intended result is a better customer experience and improved customer satisfaction.

Loopy is a flexible tool that integrates seamlessly with several customer support platforms, including Zendesk, Salesforce, Kustomer, and Intercom, making it a versatile solution for teams that want to improve productivity and efficiency in their customer support operations.

The addition of Loopy to the Zendesk Marketplace demonstrates Zendesk’s commitment to providing its users with a robust and diverse set of tools to enhance the functionality of Zendesk products. Users can install Loopy directly from the marketplace to start tracking their support efforts and optimising their workflows.

Premium fashion reCommerce brand RESPONSIBLE partners with Sorted to streamline overseas returns

RESPONSIBLE, the global reCommerce circularity platform, has selected Delivery Experience Platform Sorted to revolutionise its flexible overseas returns, solving new challenges brought on by Brexit and rising customer expectations.

RESPONSIBLE partners with premium fashion, streetwear and outdoor brands, such as RÆBURN and Haglöfs to help them take accountability for their products in a sustainable way. RESPONSIBLE refurbishes and resells brand products, as well as buying back unwanted clothes from customers to refurbish and resell.

With Brexit rewriting the rules of logistics, the Belfast-based RESPONSIBLE was confronted with the challenge of conducting returns from Northern Ireland to Great Britain without any roadblocks. With its Delivery Experience Platform, Sorted closed this gap, and simplified the returns process, cutting out complex and manual processes and automating the sending of return labels.

With RESPONSIBLE shipping unique and non-replaceable products, the company needed a flexible returns solution that could track any damages. Sorted offers an agile solution to this problem. It empowers the company to track deliveries and returns, ensuring the customer is always at the centre of the journey. The collaboration between Sorted and RESPONSIBLE proves that technology can drive positive change in the fashion industry.



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