Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayLast week Asana announced the appointment of Sanj Bhayro to lead its EMEA division. Planview kicked off it’s 2023 by hosting an event for its sales teams and published a business review of 2022. Other announcements came from Function Point, Oracle Smartsheet and Wrike.

Function Point

The 2023 Agency Productivity Report, published by Function Point, highlighted some interesting trends from 2022. The report was authored by Laurie Mikes, COO of Second Wind. It provides a view of productivity and profitability benchmarks for small and medium-sized agencies. It provides insights into the following:

  • Challenges for agency owners
  • The difference in productivity for remote versus office teams and its impact on ROI
  • The services most expected to grow in the next year
  • The impact of inflation on agency pricing
  • Number #1 factor when it comes to employee retention
  • How much money is being lost in agencies that don’t use integrated software tools
  • The percentage of agencies who regularly over-service their clients

As of writing, the download button on the FunctionPoint site does not seem to work in Chrome. It works in other browsers but requires the registrant to book a demonstration of Function Point software.

Correction: The report was sent through automatically with no need to book a demonstration


Oracle announced that Oracle Aconex for Defense had become the first construction and engineering project management and collaboration software to earn Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Impact Level 4 (IL4) provisional authorization.

Mark Webster, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Construction and Engineering, commented, “The IL4 provisional authorization signals our continued investment to support the DOD’s ongoing commitment to IT modernization in the cloud for its defense agencies.

“It further connects agencies and their delivery partners across the US federal government and allows for project teams to collectively unlock the power of data to meet deadlines, budgets, sustainability, and other mission requirements. We look forward to extending the services we provide the DOD agencies and their customers, partners, and sister agencies with cloud solutions as they work together to deliver vital missions.”


Smartsheet has announced a new iteration of the Smartsheet Channel Program. The existing program, launched in 2019, has enabled the partner channel to realise 59% growth since its launch.

Daisy Smith, Smartsheet partner and co-founder of UK-based Invoka Consulting, commented, “Our business is centered around Smartsheet, both from a revenue and operational perspective. In one year, we’ve been able to grow to have eight full-time employees purely through the demand for Smartsheet products and Professional Services.”

The new evolution includes Smartsheet Aligned. It is a new program that recognizes global partners. It offers tailored benefits by evolving from a transactional partner model to a point-based system focused on rewarding performance, capabilities and level of partnership.

The improvements include:

  • Custom role-based training and solution certifications
  • World-class technical enablement resources
  • Marketing and demand generation resource centre

Smartsheet offers existing channel partners training on the updated program and its features. Prospective partners can contact Smartsheet for more information.

Michelle Watkins, Founder & Managing Partner at US-based PMO Partners, commented, “GPMO is continually evolving, and that includes attracting new consultants. The enablement optimization by the channel partner program will continue to be a critical part of equipping our new consultants to succeed as a Smartsheet / PMO consultant. We look forward to the new journeys, the enhanced visibility and the continued partnership with the channel partner team.”


Wrike announced that one of the world’s fastest-growing ride-hailing services, inDrive, uses Wrike to scale work across the business, forecast resources accurately, and eliminate duplicate or redundant work. Using Wrike, the company has reduced meetings and emails across functions such as marketing, finance and HR by up to 3x.

Mikhail Naliuhin, Account Director, inDrive, commented, “About three years ago, we realized that we were running up against limitations with the disparate solutions we used to manage work. There comes a point in each company’s journey when spreadsheets and email don’t cut it anymore. These tools aren’t suited to fully manage work and keep up with demand. Not only were our teams newly remote and global, our work was becoming much more complex.

“Global business means a lot is happening daily in different countries with rapid changes and projects coming in with tight deadlines. By using various solutions that weren’t integrated, it created disjointed workflows.

“We knew a single source of truth was needed across the organization to break down silos and bring all departments together, so we turned to Wrike. We found it to be the most intuitive and versatile solution, and it was comprehensive enough to help us scale properly and quickly.”

The biggest impact for InDrive was within its marketing and creative teams. Lena Ivanova, Creative Lab Coordinator, inDrive, commented, “Wrike’s Workload view and automated workflows have really transformed the way we work. We have a lot of asset and localization requests, and the process for delegation prior to Wrike was too manual to accommodate demand.

“There were times when we had to ask each person about their capacity at the moment to determine who could take on a project. Now, we don’t have to waste time trying to determine bandwidth. We have a single view of the work everyone is committed to, along with status on progress.”


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