Acquisition Precisely of Transerve Image Credit PixabayTumisuPrecisely has announced the acquisition of location intelligence and data company, Transerve. Headquartered in Goa, India, the firm offers an on-premise and SaaS-based solution. It helps organisations combine their data with the Transerve geo-enriched data.

The AI-driven algorithms surface business insights relating to use cases that include:

  • Locate unexplored markets and identify where your competitors are
  • Find suitable sites and predict their impact on business
  • Increase the effectiveness of your field sales teams
  • Geo-marketing to grow your partners and customer base
  • Forecast your store performance using Human Mobility Data
  • Access risk and refine your offerings to the market
  • Partner with us and monetise your data

While there is some overlap with Precisely solutions, combining the two technologies will be much stronger. The combined organisation will have 12,000 customers in over 100 countries. Transerve has focused on four industries, NBFC ( Nonbank Financial companies), banking, real estate and FMCG. Its customers and partners include the Steel Authority of India, EY, WC, eCentric, Synergy Telematics, ISB, CBRE and Edique.

The two companies will not only bring more extensive technology to bear, but they will also bring expertise across multiple industries into one organisation. Transerve will bring around 50 employees based across India into the organisation.

Clarence Hempfield, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Precisely
Clarence Hempfield, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Precisely

Clarence Hempfield, senior vice president of Product Management, Location Intelligence at Precisely, commented,  “In the past, deriving insights from location and creating visualisations was the domain of GIS specialists. Today, organisations across a wide variety of industries are turning to the power of location intelligence to improve key processes and support decision-making, and they expect that their users, without specialised knowledge or skills, will be able to quickly generate location insights.

“The acquisition of Transerve allows Precisely to bring geospatial data and analysis to businesses in an accessible and consumable way, allowing them to derive new insights through location data alongside other datasets and capabilities across Precisely’s data integrity portfolio.”

Enterprise Times also asked Hempfield some questions about the acquisition. Neither party disclosed the terms of the deal. However, the negotiation has been going on for several months. Transerve raised $1.6 million in a pre-series A round led by Tara India Fund IV and Omidyar network.

Transerve, the beginning of a new journey

Ashwanii Rawat and Amarsh Chaturvedi founded Transerve. They will be appointed Directors in the Precisely business, with Ashwanii focusing on the Transerve business and its integration within Precisely, joining the Location Intelligence Product Management organization. Amarsh will join the Location Intelligence Engineering organization. I asked Hempfield what made Transerve stand out as a target for acquisition compared to its competitors.

There is quite a lot about Transerve that stood out, most important were the people.  Ashwanii Rawat and Amarsh Chaturvedi have built a great business, with fantastic people, who fit in very well with the culture that we have established at Precisely. Additionally, the company’s product and strategy is an excellent fit with our Location Intelligence business.”

Ashwanii Rawat, CEO and co-founder at Transerve, commented, “We’ve been on a mission to make spatial data easier to access, understand and take action on for businesses. We’re delighted to be joining Precisely who shares this passion for location intelligence and bringing the power of location data to everyday data roles to make an impact for the companies we serve and broaden our impact in the market.”

Yet another acquisition that will strengthen the Precisely suite of solutions. Precisely has been enhancing these in three ways. Inorganic acquisitions such as PlaceIQ and now Transerve. Organically by improving its Data Integrity Suite and extending its geo addressing and data enrichment worldwide. In addition, partnerships, such as the one with OneShield, target the insurance sector.

A winning combination

There are already synergies and integrations between the two companies, with Transerve primarily using Amazon. Enterprise Times asked Hempfield whether integrations already exist.

He replied: “Previously, Transerve had augmented the Transerve Online Stack with cloud services from the Precisely Developer APIs, which are relied upon by countless software developers around the world. One of our key priorities moving forward is the integration of Transerve’s powerful set of capabilities, including the Spatial Data Drive™ with the Precisely Data Integrity Suite to help our clients continue to generate unmatched insights.”

Hempfield was unable to give any timescales yet for further integrations between solutions. What about the roadmap for Transerve?

“Transerve provides a unique platform that combines powerful, yet easy-to-use geospatial capabilities together with easy access to value-added data to enable business people, data analysts and non-GIS experts to easily create and share insights about their business. 

“In the very near term, no significant changes are expected to the current Transerve roadmap. We look forward to continuing to work with our clients and partners, as we shift our focus to integration within the Precisely Data Integrity Suite, exposing them to the wider set of data and capabilities that this will provide to their organizations.“

What about Transerve customers

The big question that Transerve customers will want to understand is how this acquisition affects them. Transerve has customers both on-premise and using SaaS-based products. Will Precisely continue to support the on-premise version of Transerve?

Hempfield replied, Yes, this will continue to be an option moving forward. Precisely has gained a reputation for supporting our clients through providing our software and data in ways that support their organization’s preferred deployment style – on-premises, private cloud, public cloud/SaaS. In this regard, Transerve is a fantastic fit.”

What does this acquisition mean for Transerve customers?

“Transerve customers will get access to an even wider range of software and data to further enrich the insights they are generating with the Transerve Online Stack. As the global leader in data integrity, we help customers to build foundations of trusted data based on accuracy, consistency and context – enabling them to make more confident decisions. “

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is another noteworthy acquisition by Precisely as it looks to further extend its Data Integrity portfolio. Geospatial analytics is one of the most complex yet valuable ways of extracting insights from data. Many organisations struggle to achieve real benefits using simple tools or gut feel. Precisely, now strengthened with the Transerve solution can enable evidence-based decisions.

The combination of Precisely data quality products ensures that the information used in the analysis is as accurate as possible, ensuring the outcomes are meaningful, in context and as accurate as possible with the collected data.


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