Digital Twin - Silico Arcwide - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Arcwide has announced a strategic partnership with business process simulation vendor Silico. This is the second partnership announcement in as many months. In December, Arcwide announced a partnership with Celonis, the global leader in execution management. Arcwide, a joint venture between global consultancy BearingPoint and IFS, will leverage the Silico solution to create digital twins of businesses.

IFS already possesses digital twin technology to support industries such as commercial aviation and the oil and gas industry. This latest partnership will enable Arcwide to extend the technology across the entire business process environment.

Using the Silico BPS platform, organisations can create digital twins and then simulate the impact of business process changes. It gives Arcwide a test bed to check the impact of any process change during digital transformation programs. It lowers risk and adds to the change management process.

Dr Philipp Fahr, Regional Lead GSA, Arcwide
Dr Philipp Fahr, Regional Lead GSA, Arcwide

Dr Philipp Fahr, Regional Lead GSA, Arcwide, commented, “We are delighted to agree on a partnership with Silico and look forward to providing our customers with an enhanced service offering in the delivery of business transformations.

“With Silico we have gained a strong partner for business process simulation, who can build end-to-end digital twins of business processes to increase efficiencies, optimize processes, and simulate business outcomes into the future“.

Silico enables Business Digital Twins

The Silico platform comprises five key steps:

  • It will map and sync all relevant data sources
  • Digitally simulate the business in Silico in graphical flow charts. Organisations can use visual analytics to monitor and identify potential failure points and improve processes with proactive intervention. The digital twin will monitor process flows in real time to check performance against projections
  • Enable users to run what-if scenarios to understand the impact of proposed changes to workflows. What happens, for example, if an approval process is added to a workflow
  • Explore scenarios and forward-looking dashboards to determine the optimal changes within the organisation. Organisations can then control automation to make the changes to process flows
  • Use AI to identify the right interventions to optimise for improved performance.

Overall the insights and changes that Silico can deliver enable organisations to model changes quickly rather than wait for projects to be complete and changes to be measured after the fact.

The alignment of commercial decisions and financial objectives is improved as decisions are validated before being implemented, ensuring a greater chance of success for all change management initiatives within an organisation. It will allow Arcwide to deliver evidence-based ERP transformations at the point of delivery rather than after the project has started.

John Hill, CEO of Silico, noted, “Arcwide’s unique expertise in IFS transformations combined with Silico’s Business Process Simulation platform unlocks bespoke ERP transformations tailored to deliver the best outcomes to our joint customers based on insights from a digital twin of the Enterprise. With Silico, Arcwide is able to better design, monitor and implement ERP transformations to achieve better outcomes for the customer.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Arcwide is bringing together different technologies such as IFS, Celonis and Arcwide to help it deliver successful digital transformation projects. This latest announcement adds another argument that de-risks the decision by an organisation to use the professional services organisation for their IFS project. The mix of partnerships and acquisitions, such as Fekra Digita Services, further strengthens the Arcwide proposal.

What Arcwide lacks are the customer stories that illustrate how it is delivering successful transformation projects to enterprises. Hopefully, they are not too far away.


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