Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on UnsplashRootstock has appointed Geoff Brannon as its next CFO after Mark Saliman resigned from the role and joined Alpha Ring International as CFO. Brannon will become responsible for all finance and accounting functions. Information Technology and HR will also report to him.

Before Rootstock, Brannon was CFO at Oversight Systems, a software vendor providing comprehensive AI spend risk mitigation analytics & software. There, Brannon led the company through its acquisition by investment firm TCV. He, therefore, has deep experience working with investment partners.

David Stephans, CEO of Rootstock Software, commented, “We’re pleased to welcome Geoff to our executive leadership team. He’s a seasoned CFO that has in-depth experience in the global technology industry, as well as being skilled in acquisition integration, business development, and process improvement. He brings the business and financial acumen needed to support our company’s decisions for growth and strategic investment.”

Geoff Brannon, CFO at Rootstock
Geoff Brannon, CFO at Rootstock

Enterprise Times was able to pose some questions to Brannon, first asking him how he will help to accelerate growth as CFO. Brannon replied, “I’ll be helping to set a foundation for success, bringing financial insights and recommendations to the table that support strategic decisions for growth and investment. We’ll have to make opportune investments in our go-to-market motions in order to execute and maximize our growth potential. “

Brannon has spent more than 20 years in finance positions. After leaving KPMG, where he was a senior accountant, he took increasingly senior positions at organisations such as LSI Corporation, Radiant Systems, and NCR before taking his first CFO role at software vendor Oversight.

Why join Rootstock?

Brannon commented, “It’s an exciting time to join Rootstock. As a known leader in its software category of Manufacturing Cloud ERP, Rootstock is on a fast track for expansion for a number of reasons.

“First, it has an impressive reputation in the market with high customer satisfaction and retention rates, and second, the company is led by an outstanding executive team, phenomenal investment partners in Gryphon Investors and Salesforce Ventures, and an experienced board. I’m looking forward to doing my part to help Rootstock accelerate growth.” 

What most impressed Brannon during the recruitment process? Brannon replied, “I was very impressed with Rootstock’s executive team. From the minute I spoke with David Stephans, the CEO, I felt we could work well together and that it would be a good fit. The rest of the executive team is also very strategic in their respective areas, including Raj Badarinath, who’s in charge of marketing and product, and Matt Wolf, who’s in charge of channel partnerships.”

Looking forward to Rootstock

The release also mentions his experience in M&A. Will Rootstock acquire either tech tuck-ins or market tuck-ins as it looks to expand overseas? Brannon will also grow the finance team and expect new jobs to appear on the Rootstock careers page. How is Brannon looking to improve the accounting function?

Brannon answered, “I’m looking at how we can strategically leverage the investment from Gryphon Investors. My goals are to strengthen our accounting organization through tools and automation so we can report results in a more timely and accurate fashion, improve our financial planning and analysis capabilities, establish improved financial controls, and better support the business as it continues to grow at a rapid pace.”

Brannon is joining Rootstock under its new dynamic CEO. There is new funding to accelerate growth that has been achieved almost stealthily in recent years. It has leveraged a partnership with Salesforce and built a nascent and more informal one with Workday. With inflation putting pressure on manufacturers and supply chain risk proliferating, what is Brannon’s greatest challenge for Rootstock?

“It’s going to be a challenge to monitor today’s macroeconomic conditions in a volatile market and balance that against the capital we have available for funding growth. We’ll also have to invest in our talent, so we have the right people to support each functional area. “

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Stephans now has the solid core of a new leadership team to drive further success for a business with huge potential. Salesforce has already captured the hearts of many large manufacturing organisations across the globe. Rootstock has the capability of delivering an ERP solution on top of the Salesforce platform to further enhance that relationship.

However, Rootstock is not yet a large organisation itself. While it has had some success in winning SIs into its partner ecosystem, it will need more and a greater presence internationally to hit the level of growth the investors are looking for.

Brannon is clearly up for cautious growth, and it will be interesting to see where he loosens the purse strings and guides Stephans decisions during 2023.


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