Presents - Image by Arek Socha from PixabayCetec has unveiled version 4.08 in beta. The new release will roll out to the live environment in January 2023. The release contains two major new features and several minor updates. Cetec has added a Bill of Materials compare feature and new production management metrics.

The new BoM compare feature includes a new screen linked to the BOM revision edit screen. It allows a user to compare different revisions of the bill of materials to identify any discrepancies in the component part number, component line number and quantity. Cetec does not appear to highlight these discrepancies automatically, but this might be a later addition.

The BoM is further enhanced with a hover feature that displays the preferred manufacturer and OEM Part number when the mouse pointer hovers over a specific part in the BoM.

The new production management metrics include an update to the estimate vs actuals report. The report now displays the number of pieces completed, compared to the work order quantity. The report also colour codes the new metric depending on how complete the work order is. For example, the field will turn red if less than 25% are complete. From 25%-75%, it will turn amber and be green if the works order is at least 75% complete.

Other changes

There are several other updates that the blog announcing the update reveals. These mainly aim to improve the solution’s usability and increase users’ efficiency and flexibility of Cetec ERP.

The update includes the following:

  • There is a new config setting called ‘Order – Show Full Bin Pick Button’. The new setting will add a button ‘All’ on the far right of the bins on the part pick screen. When clicked, it picks the full bin quantity and changes the bin name to the Order number.
  • It is now possible to assign multiple buyers/product managers per PRC. Buyers/Product Managers will be listed in the ‘Buyer’ column on MRP and on the Prod Order List with ‘Show Prod Mgmt?’ selected
  • The Bookings dashboard widget now shows the Current Bookings and Future Bookings. Current Bookings represents bookings due to become revenue in the next X number of days, based on the Ship Date of an order. Future Bookings represents bookings due to become revenue beyond the ‘# of Days’ entered. Current Bookings plus Future Bookings will equal Total Bookings.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is not a major release but contains some interesting features and several bug fixes that will ensure the update is worthwhile. Administrators should carefully read the blog and ensure they communicate and take advantage of the new features. Cetec continues to demonstrate that even during the festive season, it continues to update its solution, releasing updates that will make life a little easier for its customer base.

The new compare bill of materials feature is interesting but could have been further enhanced with some automated analysis between the selected bills of materials to highlight the differences.


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