NIBs (Credit image/Pixabay/Fabrizio Van Marciano)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Coveo opens new London office to support customers based in Europe. Fluent Commerce appoints new global CTO Rob Crowley. Azerion has launched ‘Azerion Fanzone’, a new product which will allow sports clubs to easily build a digital environment for their community with many possibilities for entertainment. Research by Storyblok has revealed the cost of poor website design to British eCommerce businesses.

Poor websites cost UK eCommerce over £1 billion in lost sales every year

Research by Storyblok has revealed the cost of poor website design to British eCommerce businesses. 6,000 consumers across the US and Europe, were asked about online shopping behaviour and their view on website functionality. 48% of UK consumers say they abandon purchases due to bad design and user experience. On average, these consumers estimate that these sales would have been worth a total of £50 – with 12% reporting they abandoned purchases worth more than £100.

With 58.8m people in the UK shopping online and spending £80.6bn, Storyblok estimates that the loss in purchases due to poor website functionality equates to £1.41bn annually.

The main reasons for avoiding purchasing from a website included poor navigation or layout, slow loading speeds, pop-ups and uncompetitive prices. Those aged 18-25 cited cluttered or outdated design as their main reasons for leaving an ecommerce website and additional functionality (such as chatbots) as being one of the most important parts of the ecommerce experience.

Whereas 72% of those aged 55+ chose ease of navigation and fast loading speeds as the most important factors. Older consumers also account for higher value of abandoned purchases – averaging of £60.52 compared to £34 for those aged 18-25.

In positive news for UK eCommerce businesses, 19% of consumers said they would make more Christmas purchases online this year compared to last. Only 11% said they would make less. The biggest reported increases in planned online purchases were recorded in Northern Ireland (41%) and Scotland (32%), with people in the East Midlands (24%) and Wales (16%) planning to make the biggest reductions.

Storyblok’s research also found that UK consumers, on average, make up their minds about staying or leaving a website in 15 seconds, compared to 19 seconds in the US and 18.5 seconds in Germany. 24% of UK consumers decide in less than 5 seconds.

Coveo opens new office in London – expands presence in Europe

Coveo Solutions, a provider of AI-powered relevance platforms that transform search, recommendations, personalisation, and merchandising within digital experiences, has opened a new office in London to support expansion in Europe.

The new office space currently supports more than 70 London-based employees. Located in the heart of Midtown, the Bloomsbury Building was inspired by British writers like Virginia Woolf and literary lounges. The building features an old-school games room with a piano, library, phone booths, recharge rooms, bike storage, meeting rooms and more.

The Coveo Relevance Cloud platform recently won The Ecommerce Innovation Award presented by the UK eCommerce Awards. Coveo was recognized for personalization-as-you-go, which enables Coveo to personalize the shopping experience for cold or anonymous shoppers with artificial intelligence.

The company also has an office in Weert, The Netherlands, and leverages an AWS region located in Ireland, allowing European customers to securely maintain their data for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within the region. Coveo has open positions in HR, IT, R&D, sales, sales engineering, and global operations to support our growing EMEA presence.

In other regions, Coveo has also partnered with system integrators and referral and strategic partners to bring search, personalization, recommendations, and merchandising to large enterprises that want to drive significant improvement in customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and overall profitability.

Fluent Commerce appoints new global CTO Rob Crowley

Fluent Commerce has appointed Rob Crowley as its new global CTO. Rob joins Fluent Commerce from global mobility solution specialists Vix Technology where he was CTO and responsible for the delivery of the company’s suite of SaaS products. As CTO, Rob will lead all aspects of technology and product development for the Fluent Commerce business worldwide. Rob will be responsible for Fluent Commerce’s next growth phase, while simultaneously driving a relentless pace of execution, innovation and focus on the customer.

The company is headquartered in Sydney but has growing teams across the globe, including North America, Europe and Asia. The company works with international and local brands such as JD Sports, L’Oréal, LVMH and Dulux. Rob will lead a team of engineers, technology specialists and product development professionals across locations including London, Sydney, Paris and New York.

Prior to his role at Vix Technology, Rob spent seven years at Bankwest, where he held technical roles, including Platform Architect. His experience spans nearly twenty years, including time spent in London as a software engineer for Cubic Transportation Systems.

Born in the cloud and designed from day one to take advantage of modern-day cloud services, Fluent Order Management has the feature richness of a traditional OMS but with the flexibility of a true SaaS offering. This allows Fluent Commerce to serve a vast array of customers in terms of size, complexity, and industry.

Azerion launches Fanzone

Azerion has launched ‘Azerion Fanzone’, a new product which will allow sports clubs to easily build a digital environment for their community with many possibilities for entertainment.

The company has already partnered with several sports institutions to create bespoke applications, bringing their dedicated fan base closer to their favourite club, from purchasing tickets and merchandise to entering forums, playing games and much more. These branded experiences also present a strong opportunity for advertisers to reach niche audiences at scale, utilising Azerion’s core expertise and portfolio of high-performing advertising technology.

Azerion has a proven track record of gamifying digital environments, not only making them more entertaining but also using data to improve user engagement. With Azerion Fanzone, the company will leverage its experience in building businesses around audiences and expand into the world of sports, giving advertisers access to one of the most engaged consumer groups in the global market.

Similar brand hubs are already settling across different parts of the digital space and will likely become increasingly important for the advertising industry, as first-party data and contextual targeting become central in the cookieless future.

As one of the most popular forms of entertainment, the sports industry has one of the largest communities in the world. It creates a perfect environment for personalisation. With Azerion Fanzone, Azerion will bring users a free, fun way to engage with their favourite club and interact with their fellow supporters.

Along with social activities and online shopping, fans will gain access to exclusive content, games and challenges, to show their skills and passion in a safe environment, with no gambling or cash-out for users.

The product launch follows the recent acquisition of Targetspot by Azerion, which ushered the company straight into the audio advertising market. With this latest addition to its offering, Azerion is yet again demonstrating the rapid growth of its platform towards becoming a one-stop shop for digital media and entertainment, connecting brands with audiences and consumers with great content.


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