Acquisition Image : License: Creative Commons 3 - CC BY-SA 3.0 Creator: NY - Date first licensed: February 2016 Original Image: the major changes in the executive team at Anaplan and its new ownership under Thoma Bravo, it has already started investment in acquisitions. It has announced the acquisition of the applications division from existing gold partner Vuealta.

Vuealta rose to prominence within the Anaplan ecosystem by developing and reselling its add-on business planning and modelling solutions complementary to Anaplan. With this acquisition, Anaplan adds four out-of-the-box solutions and the 19 employees working on them.

The solutions included in the deal are:

  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Inventory Planning
  • Sales and Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning (S&OP/IBP)

This is a smart move by Anaplan to extend the product capability quickly with a proven solution. Owned by Anaplan, these solutions will also get far wider exposure to the market, and many more customers will have access to them.

Bill Schuh, Chief Revenue Officer, Anaplan
Bill Schuh, Chief Revenue Officer, Anaplan

Bill Schuh, Chief Revenue Officer at Anaplan, commented, “Rapid, complex change has become a feature of the modern operating environment, and supply chain leaders especially are being tested by their ability to make the right daily planning decisions in the face of ongoing disruption. Our customers need to be able to plan and act at the speed of the market to drive their business forward. With Vuealta’s suite of applications running on the Anaplan platform, we can arm businesses with industry best practices that can be configured and deployed quickly, so they realize value from their digital transformation efforts immediately. I’m thrilled to welcome Ian and his team to Anaplan.”

Solutions ready-made for Anaplan

Founded in the UK, Vuealta now has additional offices in the US and Singapore, and its applications have found customers worldwide. At Vita Coco, its Supply Chain Planning as a Service solution helped the plant-based functional hydration company to improve its supply chain management as the company expanded. It had the challenge of maintaining the coconut water supply from far-flung tropical locations during the pandemic.

Dominic Mills, Vita Coco’s Senior Director of Operations, explains, “Fast turnarounds on end-to-end planning can mean the difference between being out of stock and fulfilling all our customer orders. COVID-19 introduced additional variability and complexity to our supply and demand planning, in a big way. So speeding up our planning cycle from monthly to weekly was absolutely critical.”

Mills reviewed the market and decided to opt for the combination of Anaplan and the Vuealta solution. Mills added, “We chose Vuealta because they gave us a really good balance of everything we wanted. The solution is easy to use and has a solid reporting system. From the start, we could tell the Vuealta team had great technical ability. They could demonstrate examples that spoke to our actual experience and were very relevant to our business. We’ve always felt we’re in the right hands.”

Vuealta moves on

A partner since 2017, Vuealta has built solutions that have helped expand its business rapidly. In selling them to Anaplan, it still has the expertise and consulting team to help sell the solutions. However, if Anaplan chooses to accelerate investment in the solutions, it will be well placed to win further business.

Ian Stone, CEO at Vuealta, commented, “Vuealta has been a trusted Anaplan partner for many years, so I’m extremely pleased to see our relationship evolve this way. Our applications run on Anaplan’s powerful planning platform, allowing customers to easily adapt and scale their models as shifts in the market, industry, or business occur. Together, we’ve helped companies like Fonterra, Polaroid, Vita Coco, and Del Monte transform their operations to drive growth and opportunity, and I look forward to working with the team to help even more leaders tackle their most dynamic supply chain challenges.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Is this a sign of things to come? In poaching applications from its partner ecosystem, Anaplan has accelerated its product development. It is a strategy that Oracle NetSuite also took at the start of the year when it acquired most of the CPQ application vendor Verenia. The question is, will the acquisitions stop there? It seems unlikely.

However, this is an acquisition that makes sense. Schuh will be able to quickly add it to the portfolio and enable other partners to resell the solution fairly quickly once it is rebranded. This should help boost Anaplan’s revenue and extend its solution beyond just financial planning. This may not be the biggest acquisition that Anaplan will make in the coming months, but it could be one of the most successful when the dust has settles.

For Vuealta, little will change, and the company is clearly happy with the transaction as Sean Culligan, MD EMEA, noted, “I am very pleased that we completed the sale of our apps business to Anaplan. From an early stage there was a huge opportunity in fully formed plug and play solutions and we proved the concept Vuealta. This sale proves the concept and is a great natural evolution.

“Our services business in EMEA remains unchanged and I look forward to supporting the sale and configuration of the S&OP apps now and in the future.”


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