Goats (c) Amalthea 2022Infor continues to enhance the efficiency and productivity of cheesemakers across Europe. It has just revealed how Amalthea, a Dutch-based goat and organic cow cheese marker, is leveraging its Infor CloudSuite and has enhanced production with the Coleman AI. This is the latest in a string of cheesemakers adopting Infor solutions across Europe. Others include Triballat Noyal group (now Olga) in Brittany and Auricchio in Italy.

In 2020 Amalthea deployed Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, modernising its ERP solution. The solution manages the operation from the receipt of the milk, from its cooperative of 50 farmers, through to its cheese warehouse operation. The system provides a single location for data across its end-to-end business cycle. It is now leveraging Coleman AI to leverage that data to provide further insights and improve efficiency.

Efficiency increases are important. If Amalthea can improve milk yields by 1%, this equates to a saving of €500,000. That is the money it can reinvest in the business and continue its growth through diversification. It has ambitions to increase manufacturing capacity over the next five years to meet the increased demand for different cheeses and invest in innovation such as its CleardMilk formula. Other benefits it is already seeing include improved consistency, quality and yields. It also achieves improved sustainability with less waste and increased customer satisfaction through a better and more consistent product.

Coleman AI makes a difference

Liesbeth Stoopen, operations manager at Amalthea, explained the challenge and how Infor has helped in a supporting video saying, “We have to make sure that we make the high-quality products with the same composition, the same taste, the same consistency, we use artificial intelligence to quickly identify deviations in our yields, to improve our output and efficiency and sustainability. In the past, it took quite a lot of time to collect our data and make graphs and analyse the data to have insights in our process. Now we have it daily. We can take faster decisions to steer our process and make sure we deliver a high-quality product with a very good yield.

Coleman can compare all the variables collected by Infor CloudSuite so that future batches can be tweaked. Amalthea can identify whether a different temperature of milk in the process can make a difference to yields. Once the optimal temperature is found, it can ensure that future batches use that temperature. Already the company has identified that different cheeses require different temperature settings to maximise the yield.

The challenge is that with 50 different farms and conditions, such as seasons, soil, vegetation and weather, there is no standard recipe they can use across batches. However, with AI, they can quickly identify what might be the best conditions for a given batch and increase the consistency of its products. The ideal is to manufacture an optimal cheese every production run whilst maximising yields.

Joris Aarts, chief financial officer at Amalthea
Joris Aarts, chief financial officer at Amalthea

Joris Aarts, chief financial officer at Amalthea, commented, “Our customers require consistency in the cheese we produce. The big challenge is that milk is the raw material used to produce cheese and, by nature, is very unstable and inconsistent over the seasons. Infor Coleman AI helps us make cheese production as stable and predictable as possible, in terms of quality and yield, so that our customers are happy.”

Real-time insights

Where Infor makes a real difference is that the insights about production runs are delivered near real-time. There are no longer delays in data collection and analysis. Instead, milk yield calculations are available immediately for each batch. Once the run is completed, it can be compared to the actual yield. Using the data collected, Infor Coleman AI can also highlight the variances during the production process. The Amalthea team can then decide to make changes for the next production run.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This case study of Amalthea is noteworthy. Two years after implementing the Infor ERP solution, the company has demonstrated that successful implementation was followed by leveraging Infor AI to further improve its production processes. These were not the only improvements seen by the company. The move to the cloud will help the company grow faster, with no need to consider on-premises solutions or capital investments in IT as it expands operations. Furthermore, the company has reduced the time taken by its period close process using the modern ERP solution. The only question that remains unanswered is what is next? How will Amalthea further improve its Infor technology platform, and what benefits will it target?


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