Hands Partner Global Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayPrecisely announced a partnership with OneShield that will make EngageOne RapidCX available to OneShields insurance customers. OneShield delivers cloud-based and SaaS solutions to many of the world’s property and casualty (P&C) insurers.

Integrating the EngageOne RapidCX customer communication management (CCM) software platform will help enable OneShield customers to target the right customer at the right time. It also enables OneShield customers to transform customer engagement between policyholders and agents from communications design to delivery.

Kim Cook, VP of Alliances at OneShield, commented, “The partnership with Precisely underscores our shared commitment to support insurers in their mission to offer unparalleled levels of customer experience to policyholders and agents alike. We’re proud to be the first core system provider in North America offering this service to customers.”

Time for change

The insurance industry is undergoing a massive transformation. One catalyst for the transformation is the changing expectations of customers enabled by technology. Recent research by OneShield revealed that 47% see keeping up with innovation as the greatest challenge in the next two years. 40% see keeping up with the customer demand for personalisation as a challenge.

To address part of the personalisation challenges, insurers must personalise communications. The integration with the Precisely CCM platform will enable insurers to do that. They can now personalise and automate communications across multiple channels in a way that has not been possible before.

The solution also enables insurers to enhance the customer experience of insurance customers. This is needed badly. Research from Forrester, reveals that only 49% of consumers find their experience with their insurer is worth their time.

EngageOne RapidCX is focused on helping organisations deliver compliant and personalised communication in highly regulated industries. It is multi-channel, supporting communications across mobile, in-app, email, SMS, print, customer portal and call centre IVR channels.

EngageOne RapidCX is purpose-built for companies operating in data-intensive, highly regulated industries. It provides the easy creation of relevant, seamless, and interactive engagements with customers while ensuring the utmost governance and compliance through end-to-end communications tracking, delivery tracing and archiving. Not only will it provide omnichannel distribution, it also archives all communications enabling organisations to review the complete interaction with customers in any dispute.

Greg Van den Heuvel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, EngageOne at Precisely
Greg Van den Heuvel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, EngageOne at Precisely

Greg Van den Heuvel, EVP and General Manager of Engage Solutions at Precisely, commented, “As insurers seek to remain competitive in today’s dynamic, digital environment, customer centricity is fast becoming a business imperative. We are pleased to partner with OneShield and help empower insurers to deliver personalized, seamless, communications for unbeatable customer experience.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This partnership should suit both Precisely and OneShield. For the latter, it adds a CCM platform from a vendor that can only complement its P&C Insurance solutions. It provides another route to market in the insurance industry for the former. What will be interesting is to see whether the two companies can look to extend the relationship even further. Some of the Data Quality solutions provided by Precisely may complement OneShield.

In addition, if it gives Precisely a foot in the door to new insurance firms, it may help sell some other solutions across the Precisely portfolio.


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