Matik App for Salesforce. screenshotMatik, whose solution generates data-driven narratives for business, has announced the general availability of the Matik App for Salesforce. The new solution enables Salesforce users to create PowerPoint, Google Slide or PDF presentations using data held within Salesforce without ever leaving the Salesforce environment. The solution is already available on the AppExchange.

Matik App for Salesforce

The solution has pre-generated templates such as a pitch desk, pricing proposal, renewal deck and quarterly/executive business reviews. The solution builds slides into a data-driven narrative that can be used internally or externally by employees. Matik goes beyond the creation, enabling users to track and manage presentations to get a better understanding of their performance. Presentations from a simple single-page presentation to a complex multiple-page and more complex one.

The solution builds on templates either pre-generated or created by administrators. Sales reps can use these as a sales enablement tool to personalise for customers. Data can be drawn direct from Salesforce or other data sources such as Tableau, Looker, Snowflake and Redshift. Presentations are populated with company name, logo and more complex data such as ROI calculations based on data held within Salesforce and even relevant case studies.

These links are recorded, thus, the metadata relating to the creation of a presentation is tracked. It, therefore, enables users to understand what has been created within Salesforce CRM. Ultimately, the tracking enables sales leaders to understand how presentations have positively impacted deals or customer success, and they can iterate presentations to improve performance.

Nikola Mijic, Matik Co-Founder and CEO
Nikola Mijic, Matik co-founder and CEO

Nikola Mijic, Matik co-founder and CEO, commented, “In the current economic environment, it has become necessary for sales and customer success teams to concretely show the value of their product, supported by data evidence. The effort required to create such data-driven content is a barrier that restricts teams from bringing it to all their prospects and customers. Matik App for Salesforce not only reduces the effort to a few button clicks, but through tracking, allows teams to quantify the direct impact it has on revenue.”

How Matik can make a difference

Matik is used by organisations such as Asana, Glassdoor, Salesloft and Solv. This latest update opens up the Salesforce ecosystems to the application and may see further growth. Solv achieved an ROI for Matik within 4 months, saving 1,1140 hours for its CS team.

Casey Romero, Customer Success Strategy & Operations at Solv said, “Matik allows our organization to easily produce content that demonstrates value to our customers. Before using Matik, all data was bottlenecked through the analyst (myself), making it extremely time consuming to create data-driven content for our customers.

“As a result, it was difficult to show our entire customer base valuable data on a consistent cadence. With Matik, we can easily produce data-driven content for our customers within seconds instead of hours, which means we can reach many more customers with critical metrics that show the value of our organization.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Matik for Salesforce is available now and has a starting price of US$500/company/year. There is a free 30-day trial available. Matik App for Salesforce requires Matik Enterprise. Implementation takes around 30 minutes; according to the Matik documentation, configuring the templates may take longer. The Matik application is Lightning ready and available to Salesforce users of enterprise and up.

Matik for Salesforce delivers what was addressed (in part) by Quip slides, which was retired in January 2021. The difference is that Matik is tightly integrated into the CRM solution. It enables users to track the success of presentations that they create. The template and distribution feature also enables Sales enablement teams to build templates for wider use. This ultimately saves hours for customer success and sales teams.


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