Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayThere was nothing last week of note on the PSA front, and certainly, nothing received under embargo. However, there were several pieces of news and more expected next week. They included releases from Gantt Project, Kantata and a new partner for Planview.

Gantt Project

Gantt Project 3.3.3292 for Windows, Linux and macOS is now available. This is the latest beta version of GanttProject 3.3. The update includes the following:

  • Calculated columns
  • Additional task filters
  • Project relative week numbering
  • Migration to Java 17
  • Native package for Apple Silicon platform
  • MSI package for Windows
  • There are also several bug fixes


Kantata released several fixes for Kantata OX across Project Management and Time and Expense. It also improved the error messaging for fields in Groups where they are over the character limit.


enreap, a leading provider of ALM, DevOps, and Digital Services, announced that it has partnered with Planview. With this partnership, enreap will help enterprises achieve their enterprise agility objectives using Planview.

Vishal Dhawan, managing director and president of Asia/Pacific, Planview, commented, “With enreap, we can further meet the needs of our customers in India and Singapore; this collaboration will help us scale to meet their business objectives as they face a rapidly evolving business environment. enreap’s expertise in DevOps automation, ALM, and Delivery Management enhances our focus on providing first-class service to our customers in the region.”

Surinderpal Kumar, CEO of enreap, commented, “The world of work has gone through a massive transformation over the past couple of years – hybrid work is a new reality, the reliance on digital tools has increased, and enterprise digital transformation has become an urgent necessity. Planview’s robust suite of products provides end-to-end visibility into the value streams and allows executives and chief transformation officers to bring synergy in strategy, planning, delivery, and results. With our experience in DevOps, ALM, and digital transformation and deep expertise across various tools, we are in a great position to help organizations improve their time to market, increase efficiency, and quickly realize their strategic initiatives.” 

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 28th November 2022



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