Elkjop search powered by Snaplogic aImage by Daniel Dan outsideclick from Pixabay SnapLogic first revealed that the largest consumer retailer in the Nordics, Elkjøp, had selected its solution in 2019. Three years later, it announced how the company has taken advantage of its platform by enabling it to deliver information to its search function in real-time.

The challenge

Elkjøp operates over 400 stores across seven countries in the Nordics region. Supporting these stores are numerous eCommerce sites. Its challenge was to provide answers to queries from customers in its search engine. The problem was that the information required was spread across several data sources. With the volume of searches expected in the holiday season to grow exponentially, it also needed a platform that could cope. During the Black week, Elkjøp expected:

  • 80,000 simultaneous visitors visiting its eCommerce platforms
  • 8,000 consumers at checkout simultaneously
  • 1,500 orders processing every minute across all countries
  • A target of zero customers waiting in a queue

To accomplish this, Elkjøp has a small team of integration experts and a mountain to climb to have a solution that would accomplish this. Their internet search engine took three weeks to load the huge amount of data it needed, and was out of data by the time it finished. That process needed speeding up.

The Solution

The team selected Snaplogic because it was affordable, and with pre-built Snaps, they could build data pipelines rapidly. Using Snaps, they built 250 data pipelines in a few days. It helped reduce the loading time from three weeks to three days. Using SnapLogic, the Elkjøp team was able to connect a range of technologies and data sources from Kafka to Snowflake. They were also able to build 200 dashboards enabling business leaders to view business-critical information about ongoing transactions. They highlighted sales and best-selling products, enabling the organisation to make timely decisions.

Mirko Adamovic, Integration Team lead at Elkjop, commented, “Using SnapLogic’s integration platform has significantly reduced the high costs we were incurring every time we moved large volumes of data, saving us about 20 million Norwegian Krone [NOK]. We can move data faster using SnapLogic, and thanks to the scalable pricing model, it costs us far less too.

“The benefit of having one technology platform is that we can share knowledge both within our own integration team and with other business users. SnapLogic was particularly easy to use as from day one, our team already understood at least 60% of the interface.” 

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Sometimes people consider IPaaS solutions as just connecting different applications. They look at integration projects. However, SnapLogic, with its easy-to-use applications and data integration platform powered by API Management, can deliver business solutions that make a real difference to organisations, solving challenging problems in a cost-effective way.

Michael Nixon, VP of Product Marketing at SnapLogic
Michael Nixon, VP of Product Marketing at SnapLogic

While it was an integration team at Elkjøp that help solve those challenges, the SnapLogic solution is simple enough to use by citizen integrators enabling them to deliver business benefits quickly.

Michael Nixon, VP of Product Marketing at SnapLogic, said, “Data integration should not come at such a high cost that businesses cannot afford to transfer data. We’re very pleased to provide Elkjop with a solution that delivers the scalability and speed they need to meet customer demand and deliver results.”


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