How to insert filler text - Photo by Imani on UnsplashWhat do you do when you are trying to design a document without having the text yet? If you use old text that has already been used before for another project, either people think that it is your new document and start to edit it and complain that they have already read it somewhere. Or you get sidetracked by the actual words on the page instead of the job at hand, “creativity!”. You could scour the internet for ‘gobbledygook’, but that will probably take you further away from what you are doing. Microsoft has already solved the problem for you, using Lorem ipsum. Lorem ipsum which is placeholder text commonly used in publishing. The original source of the Latin text is a treatise Cicero on ethics written over 2000 years ago.

It is possible to insert the text quickly into a Word document by doing the following:

the formula is “=lorem(p,l)” where p represents the number of paragraphs and l the number of lines you desire in the text.

If your example text isn’t long enough select Undo.

Backspace Key

Then overtype where necessary, go to the end and press Enter.

For example, if you type “=lorem(2,10)” then press the Enter.

The Result looks like this:filler text

Overtype to be “=lorem(10,10)” the result looks like this:

This can be formatted to your heart’s desire, added to using copy and paste and changed as you like. It does not get grammar or spell-checked by Word, so no wiggly red lines everywhere.

This formula works in PowerPoint and Outlook too, but not in Excel.

Find only what you need in your document. Replace with different formatting.

How to remove unwanted formatting in Word.

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