Cloud Data - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Striim has announced that its real-time streaming data integration and analytics platform, Striim Cloud is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The announcement was made at Amazon Re:Invent alongside a multitude of other announcements from AWS and other vendors. The announcement means that Striim Cloud is now available from all three major cloud marketplaces: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. It means that customers now have the choice of their preferred hyperscaler.

As one would expect from a platform that delivers real-time streaming data integration and analytics, there are integrations to other sources, both on-premise and cloud-based, including IoT data. Striim claims that its platform is the “first and only fully-managed, unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for real-time streaming data integration and analytics from both on-premise or hybrid cloud mission-critical applications.”

As organisations look to digitise, they need to consider how they ingest data from disparate systems that have already migrated to cloud solutions, laggards and those that may never transfer across. Striim can ingest that data in real-time using pipelines using streaming SQL and then provide a layer of analytics powered by ML models to deliver insights.

The Striim platform is scalable with zero maintenance enabling organisations to ingest and leverage their data as quickly as they need to. It will enable organisations to power decisions with the latest information.

Alok Pareek, Striim’s co-founder and EVP, Product, Striim Inc
Alok Pareek, Striim’s co-founder and EVP, Product, Striim Inc

Alok Pareek, Striim’s co-founder and EVP, Product, Striim Inc, commented, “The ability to make strategic business decisions in real-time is critical to becoming a market leader in today’s digital economy. Striim Cloud is an easy-to-use, powerful SaaS solution that runs natively on AWS giving enterprises an invaluable advantage in delighting their customers through data-driven actionable insights. We’re thrilled to make Striim Cloud’s capabilities available to AWS customers worldwide.”

Striim on AWS

Striim already has two solutions available on the AWS marketplace, Striim for Amazon Web Services – BYOL Platform and Striim for Amazon Redshift. Both solutions are available across several AWS regions, including the US, Canada, Europe, APAC and South America. However, the Striim Cloud deployment is not currently available on the AWS Marketplace and is only available in North America. It is not clear if this includes the Canada region.

Striim highlighted several of the capabilities that Striim Cloud on AWS offers:

  • Striim Cloud delivers instant access to what’s happening across multiple applications: With real-time streaming data, IT can instantly know what’s happening, from customer behaviour to marketing campaigns to supply-chain operations. Striim Cloud’s real-time streaming model is inherently superior to legacy ETL batch methods.
  • Striim Cloud delivers simplicity, elasticity, and scalability in the cloud: Customers have a unified view of all data pipelines. They can add new pipelines or modify existing pipelines while Striim does the heavy lifting in the background to support them. Striim Cloud supports cloud-native services and integrations. This foundation enables enterprises to adapt to changing market requirements at will.
  • Striim Cloud Enterprise super-charges enterprise innovation: Building applications based on real-time data gives enterprises a competitive edge. Striim Cloud makes it easy to innovate on applications leveraging data for new use cases.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

As data becomes critical to the success of businesses across the globe, this latest announcement gives customers more choice in managing their data. Striim is aiming for growth, though it last raised funding, according to Crunchbase, in a $50 million Series C funding round in March 2021 led by Goldman Sachs Growth and supported by several others, including Summit Partners.

This latest announcement should open up further growth opportunities, and while it has some significant brands such as EDF Energy, National Grid, Kyocera, Macy’s, Orange, Sky and United Supermarkets, it has yet to open a sales office outside of the US (though it has offices in India). Will it now seek more funding, or will it look to grow more cautiously in this current economic climate? It is a dilemma for the board to raise more funding for expansion or to miss out against larger competitors on market share.


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