The solution, Cloud Stratex - Kantata visibility Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay CloudStratex is the fastest-growing private IT services company in the UK. It is 27th on the Sunday Times fastest growing 100 list and achieved 117% revenue growth last year. The company was founded by the leadership of CloudTalent, which Avanade acquired in 2015 to build Avanade’s advisory services.

When the team set up CloudStratex in 2019, co-founder Tony Irvine, COO, wanted to build an organisational structure that would enable the company to grow quickly. That meant leveraging a Professional Services Tool that would support the business as it expanded in the UK and abroad.

Tony Irvine, COO and co-founder CloudStratex
Tony Irvine, COO and co-founder CloudStratex

Irving said, “When we started the company, I was determined we would put a system in place that would support us through at least our first few years. We used Kantata (SX Kimble Applications) at our previous company, and we were familiar with it. We knew it was easily configurable and scalable — we didn’t even look at anyone else. We knew what we needed, and we knew Kantata could do that.”

For an ambitious company putting the right system in place was the right call. It could have relied on spreadsheets, but with its growth plans, it would have quickly outgrown them, and the investment made in creating them would have been wasted. Irving noted, “In our last company, a lot of our project and finance was run on complex spreadsheets that didn’t reflect the reality of the business… Now there is only one version of the truth, and that is Kantata. Kantata is the one source of data across finance, sales, delivery, and resourcing.”

The solution

CloudStratex has now deployed the Kantata industry cloud for professional services. It has chosen to deploy the Kantata SX solution, built on the Salesforce platform. Kantata is now providing the organisation with a powerful combination of features, including resource management, financial management, project management, team collaboration, and business intelligence. The solution, Kantata SX also integrates its project accounting and invoicing solution into finance solutions, though it is unclear which finance system it uses.

Kantata provides a single solution that covers the entire operational processes within the business. Business leaders have complete visibility of the business with a single data set. Any processes interact with a single source of information, eliminating manual replication between functions such as sales, operations and finance. Any analysis of that data set provides a complete view across the organisation. CloudStratex has therefore opted for complete visibility across the organisation, delivering the transparency that employees expect and enabling them to better engage with the organisation. Employees can focus on work that matters.

Irving notes, “If we didn’t have a single tool and had multiple sources of the truth, it would have been very difficult to grow at the rate that we have. Today, we are able to focus on growth and not argue about the numbers — we trust the numbers in Kantata. As a start-up, the last thing we want to be doing is questioning data. We want to be spot-on. Kantata enables us to do that.”

Kantata is making a big difference because with the integration to Salesforce Sales Cloud, it can measure key metrics, including revenue, margin, utilization, won deals, sold margin vs delivered margin and overdue invoices. This enables it to identify if the organisation is flagging the subject of a new Kantata whitepaper. Across the organisation, people can view and interact with key information and tasks.

Sarah Edwards, Chief Product Officer & CEO International Kimble Applications (Image credit/LinkedIn/Sarah Edwards)
Sarah Edwards, chief product officer & CEO International Kimble Applications

Irving added, “With Kantata, people have the ability to very quickly see where we stand against these metrics — they can even get it on their mobile phones. Having this accessibility and flexibility allows everyone to keep their finger on the pulse and do their job effectively.”

Sarah Edwards, chief product officer of Kantata, commented, “At Kantata, our goal is to deliver solutions that enable our clients to do what they do best, even better. It is gratifying to see how empowering CloudStratex with a purpose-built solution that delivers the dynamic insights they need is enabling remarkable growth and client success.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The Kantata Professional Services tool has delivered what it promised. Irving’s trust in the solution, having used it before, meant that he knew what the solution could deliver and is now reaping the benefits. Kantata SX has delivered transparency and visibility, enabling the company to grow quickly without legacy technology and processes holding it back.

With the right solution in place and the knowledge of how to use it, CloudStratex has significantly reduced administration tasks that creep into organisations and has seen an improved accuracy in the data it collects, which leads to more accurate forecasts to enable data-driven decision-making.

While this is a new case study about Kantata, its origins probably predate the new branding. It does not indicate that Kantata has continued to win business. The case study also doesn’t provide numbers against success metrics that Kantata has had within the organisation. However, the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Insight report did just that. This case study would have been more powerful if it had included some statistics.


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