Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on has announced the appointment of its first chief revenue officer. It has chosen to promote Yoni Osherov to the role from VP of Sales and Marketing. Osherov joined the company in August 2017 and has led the global Sales and Marketing function since then. The role of CRO will see his role expand beyond sales and marketing across the whole customer lifecycle.

Yoni Osherov, Chief Revenue Officer, monday,com
Yoni Osherov, chief revenue officer, monday,com

Osherov is now responsible for over half of the global workforce, including consulting/sales, customer experience, marketing, customer success, and partners. It signifies a maturing of the organisation and, to an extent, the loosening of the reins by its founders. It is also a sensible move as it focuses attention on the customer. will hope to ensure a consistent experience throughout its lifecycle.

Osherov commented, “My last five years at have shown me the incredible impact that the platform has on workers around the world and with this exciting next step, I look forward to helping accelerate our momentum even further. I strongly believe in the future of this company and look forward to seeing the exciting new ways our customers use as the core of their businesses.”

The appointment is also a recognition of Osherov’s success at He has grown the sales organisation from fewer than ten people in 2017 to the several hundred it is today. Over the last two years, he has overseen the marketing strategy that has brought meteoric growth to the company through its IPO.

Osherov spent more than 14 years in various leadership positions at Verint across support, product management, and sales. He was also co-founder of Tavo, which was sold to Zap Group in 2021. Those experiences will now be used as chief revenue officer as he looks to grow even further.

Eran Zinman, co-CEO and co-founder at, commented, “Yoni has brought tremendous impact to since he first joined and this is an exciting next step on his journey with us. His leadership will bring great value to the CRO organisation and all of our customers around the world and I know Yoni will continue to excel in this new role and beyond.”

Enterprise Times – What does this mean

This is a significant career step for Osherov and a recognition of his achievements at It also means that the company now has four CXOs. Will the founders, Zinman and Roy Mann, announce any more? It places Osherov in a slightly more senior position and leaves the question of whether Mann and Zinman see this as a potential succession plan moving forward. There is no mention of this in the announcement, and it will be interesting to see whether they promote any other positions to the role of CXO.


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