Ambulance Photo by Ian Taylor on UnsplashKinseed is an IT services and consulting firm that provides digital transformation services to healthcare organisations. At the heart of its offering is the Kinseed SwiftCare suite of tools.

Patient data is crucial to good care. But too often, technological gaps inhibit data flows, negatively impacting the treatment patients receive. SwiftCare consists of three tools that enable organisations better manage and leverage data. They are

  • MediLog: Build any workflow, process or database with native Medically-focused field types and controls
  • MediVue: Remotely monitor clinical instruments and devices from any web-connected device or browser
  • MediConnect: Smart-enable legacy clinical apparatus without the need for expensive refits and equipment purchases

Kinseed has now extended the capabilities of SwiftCare with the Solace event streaming and management solution, PubSub+ Platform. It will enable Kinseed healthcare customers to extend real-time data distribution within its platform.

Bob Hundal, CTO of Kinseed
Bob Hundal, CTO of Kinseed

Bob Hundal, CTO of Kinseed, commented, “We know that for SwiftCare to be a truly transformative platform for healthcare providers, it needs to be powered by reliable, real-time data streams from a wide variety of sources like EHRs, clinical devices, as well as modern cloud services.

“Solace is the gold standard for moving critical data between diverse applications and devices in real-time, so bolstering our cloud platform with their cloud event streaming and event management services was a perfect fit. This partnership accelerates our mission of connecting the disconnected.”

Saving lives with Kinseed and Solace

In healthcare, real-time time information can save lives. Based at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, the Children’s Acute Transport Service (the CATS team) has leveraged the combination. The organisation transports sick children in ambulances between hospitals across the UK.

SwiftCare powered by Solace enables the organisation to share critical information about patient information whilst they are in transit. This enables medical professionals at either end of the journey to offer advice to the ambulance crew in transit or better prepare for the patient’s arrival at their destination.

To date, SwiftCare has supported over 3,000 of these journeys. Remote monitoring has improved patient safety and reduced the handover times by 30-90 minutes at the destination. The real-time monitoring enables the destination medical team to be aware of the patient’s condition even before the ambulance opens its doors, including any events during the journey.

The solace tool provides event streaming across public clouds, virtual private clouds, and on-premises. It is underpinned by security and enables healthcare organisations to securely share information internally and externally with staff and partners.

Solace has already been embedded within MediConnect and MediView. It connects systems and medical equipment and enables real-time visibility of knowledge about a patient across the healthcare systems.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Connecting up the healthcare system is a long-held goal of the NHS and other healthcare organisations. Within the NHS, failed IT Systems have cost the taxpayer dearly. One system aiming to connect patient records costs over £10 billion.

Rather than opt for the big bang approach, many healthcare organisations are seeking to solve specific problems about connecting and sharing healthcare information. The combination of Kinseed and Solace indicates that it is not only possible, but it may also spark a bottom-up approach as well in other healthcare organisations

David Mitchell, Regional VP of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Solace commented, “We are proud to be partnering with Kinseed as they work to deliver the benefits of digital transformation into the healthcare space. Their SwiftCare suite has proven to significantly improve patient outcomes through the real-time, event-driven distribution of data, and we are thrilled that they saw Solace as the EDA platform of choice for their needs.”


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