Healthcare - Image Source Pixabay/GeraltGerimedica is a Dutch healthcare firm that aims to support chronic care practitioners through its multi-disciplinary electronic patient record solution (EPD), Ysis and its professional services team. The company collected data through its platform and wanted to bring better value to the business than it already was.

Hamza Jap-Tjong, CEO and co-founder of Gerimedica Inzicht (Insight), a Gerimedica subsidiary, believed that the current solution was not providing the insights customers needed. He knew that customers were downloading data from Ysis and using spreadsheets to analyse the data. He felt there was a better way.

Hamza Jap-Tjong, Owner & CEO at GeriMedica Inzicht
Hamza Jap-Tjong, Hamza Jap-Tjong, owner & CEO at GeriMedica Inzicht

Jap-Tjong looked for an OEM solution to manage and explore the constantly expanding data that Gerimedica collects. At last count, that data was organized into 295 tables, 2500 columns, and has 600 million+ records. It needed a solution that could automate the ingestion process and be easy to adopt. Jap-Tjong selected Sisense.

Why Sisense?

Jap-Tjong gave two main reasons why Sisense was selected. He commented, “It’s easy to use it. It doesn’t have a steep learning curve, so everyone can consume dashboards and consume dashboards.”

He added, “What really pushed us over the edge was the customer success of Sisense. From the get-go, they have supported us and the end users from beginning to end.”

This is an important requirement for an embedded solution. However, what mattered was whether customers used it once embedded.

In addition, Gerimedica could deploy Sisense on-premises with a simple licensing structure that delivered a TCO well below other solutions. Gerimedica now leverages Sisense to empower healthcare practitioners to improve care, reduce costs, and democratize data.

Rolling out an embedded analytics solution

Jap-Tjong created a nine-step adoption process, which he expands upon in a blog. He advocates:

  1. Defining a clear customer segment
  2. Identify the real problems at hand
  3. Validate your assumptions and communicate
  4. Build your business model on a real cost-benefit analysis
  5. Brainstorm what the deployment is before committing
  6. Create a one-minute pitch for customers
  7. Create a minimum-viable product
  8. Co-create dashboards collaboratively during beta testing across all users
  9. Let the beta testing highlight the benefits and the licensing structure

The results

Success was almost immediate, having embedded Sisense Gerimedica Inzicht onboarded 23 new customers and had an additional 7 trialling the software with at least three more in the pipeline. The results for customers were also extraordinary.

Gerimedica has seen an average decline of 6% in admission days per patient resulting in a cost saving of €540 per patient. Customers using Sisense have an average reduction of patient admission days by 5.9 compared to non-Sisense customers.

Sisense dashboards making a difference

Importantly rather than 400 dashboards that Gerimedica had developed and maintained for its customers, there are now 60 customizable dashboards which deliver all the insights caregivers require. Gerimedica now offers a marketplace for those dashboards where customers can select the most appropriate ones. Healthcare practitioners now have access to dashboards relevant to their practice to drill down and filter results from patient data.

To create these dashboards, Gerimedica leverages Sisense BloX. Jap-Tjong said, “With the use of BloX, we could take that visualization to another level not only in terms of charts but in the use of icons, images and feedback forms.”

Sisense’s BloX allows organisations to create dynamic, rich widgets turning dashboards into interactive business apps. BloX are JSON objects rendered as HTML inside widgets on your dashboard.

Paul Scholey, Vice President of International Sales at SiSense
Paul Scholey, Vice President of International Sales at SiSense

Paul Scholey, vice president of International Sales at Sisense, commented. “Embedding Sisense’s innovative BI solution within Gerimedica’s EHR (electronic health record) has been key to maximising each health professional’s time. Now they can truly prioritise providing the highest quality care – care that’s fueled by data-driven insights.”

For Gerimedica, this OEM agreement has been straightforward to deliver and shown benefits that have exceeded expectations. Without making a huge investment in R&D the firm has a new business line that appears both profitable and is also helping to power the growth of its Ysis solution.

Jap-Tjong also stated, “The power of Sisense is not only in the dashboards or the web app but also in the notifications. Health professionals now have access to alert dashboards that highlight the patients who are struggling or not making anticipated progress. They are able to connect the dots between clinical and operational data and focus their discussions on a handful of patients, which has really improved the way they give care.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Gerimedica is not the only healthcare company leveraging the Sisense embedded analytics solution. Scholey added, “It’s exciting to see innovative healthcare companies like Gerimedica embracing significant data-driven transformation, especially in a sector that has traditionally been a laggard to digital adoption.”

Other firms include efficientC, and Glytec, with Scholey expanding on the benefits companies can deliver to their clients in this blog. The results that Sisense has achieved for Gerimedica and others are impressive.

Will Sisence look to follow-up up on this deployment and its success? It will be interesting to hear how Jap-Tjong continues to develop the product over the coming months and years, taking advantage of the updates that Sisense produce and how Gerimedica and its customers leverage them. Embedded solutions are often critical for adding value to relationships, and Sisence seems to have made a real difference for Gerimedica.


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